R&D Center

Freego Power has a strong battery technology team to escort the quality of battery products.

We have a number of outstanding teams, has highly educated senior battery technicians. engaged in the battery industry for decades of experienced battery technology talents, with strong technical support, Freego Power has made great achievements in high-voltage, high-capacity, high-temperature, high-current charge and discharge batteries, and has been highly evaluated by customers.

Test Center

Quality Control

Large Power test center is established according to IEC61960,IEEE-1725,UL2054,UL1642 standard , which also has good cooperation with famous test centers at home and abroad. According to EU and NA standard in li-ion battery field , Large test center provides perfect test and certification of lithium batteries, high temperature, high voltage, high capacity, high power, low voltage, special shaped battery packs, storage battery modules, special batteries.
Large’s Test Center, consisting of safety laboratory, environment laboratory, environmental protection laboratory and photovoltaic power storage laboratory. Equipped with advanced testing instruments and equipments, Large Power is able to conduct overall tests and certificatiosn for raw material, accessory materials, spare parts, and battery modules at international level. 



Manufacture Center

The large-scale manufacturing center has large production lines, battery packs, high-power battery packs, industrial battery packs, and special battery assembly lines that fully meet the requirements of individualized, diversified, and mass-produced consumer electric energy, energy storage, and high-power supplies, backup power supplies.