Why the lead-acid battery when not in use need charge once a month?

by:Freego     2020-08-13
Why the lead-acid battery when not in use need charge once a month? This is because not in the electric power storage battery charge, or saline can occur easily, cause the battery, battery capacity reduced. If long time don't need car batteries, battery can not discharge, should be charged once a month. In addition, clean car batteries, do not need water to clean body immediately, otherwise it will cause the electromagnetic coil short-circuit fault, etc. According to the later period of battery charging technology research in the new century, as the authority of the Max battery experts put forward the battery under the condition of low gas velocity can accept the current graph. Battery charging and maintenance time should be more than six months, which is a large amount of battery at the beginning of the current charge, the battery voltage continues to rise, current continue to decline, until the charging, the current tends to zero. And then charged to the constant current source, the battery will be automatically to keep the battery life loss. The battery is not easy to overcharge. Battery charging method can greatly improve the battery life, reduce the battery charging time. Working voltage is the necessary condition of lithium battery series application volume will only cause significant damage to application methods. Series of the same volume of lead-acid battery series: CAN charge and discharge, but also in series batteries, lead-acid battery series: different volume CAN charge and discharge series, series CAN't charge and discharge, constant current switches may be chemical distribution. Steady flow switch can be installed in the system software and other practical operation should be flexible, reliable and parts should not loose parts, the body does not need to have an object's voice, otherwise there is dirty body.
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