What will affect battery using time how to correctly use

by:Freego     2020-08-09
Many clients ask me, what can affect the life of the battery and discharge time, product quality assurance, a few years, using the design life is a few years, how long probably need to replace a new battery so these problems a lot is with the use of the storage battery has a lot to do, so here we are speaking about this problem. Generally on the solar battery is more, we can say today is mainly about solar battery usage. When use battery to choose the appropriate parameters with the configuration, be sure to select the appropriate capacity, capacity to choose big but can't price high cost, choose the small battery capacity is not enough to use, so how to choose the battery at this time, I'm here to pay you a algorithm. A simple example of 50 w street light, need battery to work 6 hours a day, continuous work 4 a rainy day. So how to calculate, W ( Power) / V ( Voltage) = ( Current) 50W/12V=4. 1 a4a * 6 h = 24 ah24ah = 96 * 4 day ah, The total capacity) This time will be able to calculate the capacity of the battery, battery is not usually put electricity completely released, normal is about 70% of electricity, 140 ah * 0. 7 = 98 ah battery so that it can be calculated just 140 ah. Here is not over yet, the only calculate the discharge of battery, charging is also very important, if the customer with solar panels to power is not enough very lead to dissatisfaction with long-term filling battery capacity, is led to the battery service life shortens greatly. Also need to see the customer is in which area, how was the weather temperature, average temperature is too low we would suggest customers to use gel battery, gel battery in high temperature and low temperature can better protect the storage battery. The above said so much, if there are still not understand new energy may be consulted.
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