What types lead-acid battery?

by:Freego     2020-08-05
With electric vehicles in the requirement of increasing the performance and energy conservation, environmental protection, lithium battery, replace the lead acid storage battery, but the battery is not always can use, even the high-performance lithium-ion battery is not exceptional also, in the use of a certain period of time after the dynamic performance and can meet the demand on battery life, only choice to replace scrap. The cause of the electric vehicle battery scrap, is relatively complex. Because sulfide scrap, customer is not the correct use of: long-term over discharge, over charge, large current discharge, caused by the dead batteries, also occupies certain proportion. Because of the scrap reason is relatively complex, plus some battery repair practitioners restricted by their own conditions and some of the so-called repair instrument manufacturers of false advertising, to think of this industry's too idealistic, most choose to repair electric vehicle batteries, wait until the actual operation found that with the so-called repair instrument manufacturers are a far cry from what the propaganda, make business is unsustainable and can only be another think method. Lead-acid batteries are widely used in the world of a kind of chemical power source, with high safety, stable voltage, high utilization rate of raw materials, recycling, etc. The lead-acid battery repair fluid fields have a wide range of applications. Lead-acid battery is made up of shell, baffle plate, plate, grids, electrolyte ( Sulfuric acid) And different closed form. When the battery is full charge, lead plate lead dioxide and wool shaped, electrolyte concentration peak. After discharge, lead sulfate is formed on the plate, and the concentration of the electrolyte decreased to a minimum. What types lead-acid battery? Lead-acid battery has a lot of classification methods, such as depending on the voltage is 2 v battery series, 4 v battery series, 6 v series battery, 12 v series battery, 24 v battery series. According to different purposes and have different classification. You like car battery, motorcycle battery, electric bicycle batteries, solar battery, and so on. With the application of the lead-acid battery expands, the deep cycle batteries, so how about battery, can be deep cycle battery? From the performance of the storage battery, this kind of battery is suitable for depth of discharge, is 100%. After deep discharge, battery charging ways back to the front of the discharge capacity. Deep cycle battery on the manufacturing process, auto start lead-acid battery repair liquid and ordinary lead-acid also have very big difference, different manufacturers have different processes. Avoid battery internal energy losses, therefore, to ensure the system can give full play to the role of the reaction, the battery is designed to be sealed structure, is often said that the valve control type sealed lead acid battery ( VRLA battery) 。 Lead-acid battery repair liquid VRLA battery capacity of the nominal value to Ann hours ( Ah) Said, it is stipulated discharge current and battery discharge to the termination of the product of the voltage of the time.
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