What should battery export transport packaging

by:Freego     2020-08-12
China is the world's major lead producers, because lead so much one of China's exports to become the world's most populous country, peak accounted for 70% of global exports. What should battery export transportation? How to packaging? Need to what kind of certification? Tax rebates for battery? These problems are often ask the customer, to make a summary today. Battery as 8 classes of dangerous goods for export, all the information needed to master the battery export requirements, XuZhou as export of dangerous goods logistics, dedicated battery for many years export experience, to bring you battery export items need to be aware of and the necessary materials. For battery export, also need to consider which kinds of means, including express way, the way of shipping, air freight, different means of transportation for the required information as well as the matters needing attention will have difference, so the following content is given priority to with sea and air. Battery export to chemical industry research institute to do the airworthiness report, if you are export shipping, after the report to give shipping company to decide, whether to accept booking shipment. Battery export of the more important is the dangerous goods packing certificate, generally can be dealt with in the local commodity inspection bureau, with this certificate, most of the ship companies and airlines will put battery export as general cargo transport. Followed by the MSDS report and the latent guarantee, shipping companies and airlines will require battery export enterprise to provide, after get the shipping company or airline confirmed to accept, can be used as general cargo. If the battery export to go LCL transportation, the export will be more difficult to improve, a small amount of storage battery export can walk express way, but is difficult to the dangerous goods shipping bulk, because involves to conventional and other goods, export difficulty will improve the whole ark. Battery exports relatively special information need to improve in addition to the above, the general product export need packing list and invoice, bill of lading, certificate of origin is also necessary information. Anyhow, battery export needs to provide more special have key certificate have the commodity inspection + packaging + MSDS + CIQ + CO + CI. There is no drawback of battery.
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