What kind of electric car better lead-acid battery and lithium battery

by:Freego     2020-08-05
First, from the point of range, under the same specification, the weight of the lead-acid battery is lithium battery 5 times or so, so, the same specifications of the battery, range, lithium batteries is better. Second, battery life, lead-acid battery charging times in 300 times or so commonly, lithium battery charge number is in commonly 1000 times or so, so in this regard, lithium battery is far better than that of lead-acid batteries. Third, the price of batteries, lithium-ion battery production costs are higher, about 1 of lead-acid batteries. 5 times or so, that is to say, lead-acid battery of 1000 yuan, the same specifications of the lithium-ion batteries must be at least 1500 yuan. Fourth, vehicle control difficulty, because the light of lithium-ion batteries, so the maneuverability to better than lead acid battery. Fifth, charging and convenient degree, lead-acid battery because heavier, so generally are fixed inside the body, can't take charge, and general battery can directly take charge lithium trams, so the ease of charging, lithium battery is also better. Analysis from the five, lithium battery models both in the life, battery life, vehicle handling still better to be on the convenient degree of charging lead-acid model, while lead-acid model is the biggest advantage of price.
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