What kind of battery is deep cycle battery

by:Freego     2020-08-03
Lead-acid battery has a lot of classification methods, such as depending on the voltage is 2 v battery series, 4 v battery series, 6 v series battery, 12 v series battery, 24 v battery series. According to different purposes and have different classification. You like car battery, motorcycle battery, electric bicycle batteries, solar battery, and so on. With the application of the lead-acid battery expands, the deep cycle batteries, so what kind of battery is deep cycle battery? Deep circulating colloidal battery figure 1 from the performance of the storage battery, this kind of battery is suitable for depth of discharge, is 100%. After deep discharge, battery charging ways back to the front of the discharge capacity. 2 the cycle life of the battery have certain requirements. 3 deep cycle battery is mainly used in the following scenario 3. 3 1 solar power and wind power energy storage system. 2 electric bicycle. 3 the electric car 3. 4 electric forklift 3. 5 electric tools 4 deep cycle battery on the manufacturing process, and also ordinary lead-acid has the very big difference, different manufacturers have different processes.
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