What are the factors affecting the service life of base station battery run?

by:Freego     2020-08-03
Many of the base station remote location, an alternating current power supply is not stable or frequent power outages, or no alternating current (ac); Base station without air conditioning or outdoor sites, high ambient temperature; Remote sites and number, can't do fine maintenance. What are the factors affecting the service life of base station battery run? Through the analysis of China base station battery damage, acquisition, shaanxi, zhejiang, xinjiang, yunnan provinces battery damage analysis of the specimen, and combined with overseas Vietnam, Egypt, Pakistan, Ethiopia of base station power supply damage data, we concluded that there are several factors affecting the service life of battery run: ( 1) Exchange frequent blackouts frequent power outages, power outage time is long, irregular power outage time, make the battery charge and discharge frequently, there is no ac or base station, alternately by diesel generator and battery power supply, battery capacity is falling too fast and shorten the service life of one of the most main reason. Base station power frequency is too high, several times within a day of power outages, power outage a few days in a row, even makes the base station battery has not enough electric power after discharge and discharge, battery for a long time in the owe charging state. Such as continuous occur owe charge for many times, will cause the battery capacity cumulative losses, sulphates, battery capacity will be down in a relatively short time, its service life will be faster. ( 2) Battery storage time is too long in the process of storage battery self-discharge, if not added for long time, the sulfuric acid salinization phenomenon will occur. If you don't get the phenomenon in a timely manner to improve, battery capacity will reduce or even damage cannot be used. In the process of storage battery, the environment temperature influence on capacity is also very big. ( 3) Base station environment after high temperature base station blackout, air conditioning downtime. Due to the base station for the closed room, base station indoor temperature will rise sharply. High temperature makes the valve control type sealed battery internal water loss intensifies, the electrolyte desaturation ( Glass fiber cotton diaphragm electrolyte reduce) The battery capacity is reduced, shorten service life. ( 4) Battery opened quality battery installation is in accordance with the specification, the use of storage battery mission influence is very big. Installation without the battery connector between the fixed screw, between the terminal and connector contact resistance increases, will produce a lot of heat and burning during charge and discharge, cause the damage to the battery for the whole; Battery temperature sensor is not installed or the installation errors, in high temperature, it can't adjust the charging voltage to the appropriate value of thermal runaway phenomenon in a storage battery, battery damage; Open when not in monitoring unit parameters to adjust the battery management reasonable value, causing damage to the battery. ( 5) Parameter is not set correctly battery management involves the battery switch power supply management of the battery capacity, charging current coefficient, the parameters of float charging voltage, under a secondary electric voltage, automatic filling condition, temperature compensation voltage, if these parameters set unreasonable, will affect the life of the battery. Such as a secondary electric voltage setting voltage is too low, the battery discharge even depth discharge occurred, intensifying battery negative plate sulphation, will bring down the battery capacity, shorten service life. Battery capacity setting is not correct, influence the battery charging current, battery charging current is too large and damage.
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