What are the factors affecting the reliability of the battery

by:Freego     2020-08-03
Many factors affecting the reliability of the battery, even if use the same battery technology, ups battery cycles between manufacturers also have very big difference, it is important for the customer, because of the high cost of conversion battery ( About 30% of the market price) 。 Battery charging common failures will reduce the reliability of the system software, this is a troubling questions. 1. The reliability of the battery under the influence of battery temperature brittleness degree has a great harm on the battery the whole process. Detailed test data show that the temperature rising every 5 degrees Celsius, the battery life fell by 10%, so the design of the ups should be kept cooling of rechargeable batteries. All online and reserve/mixed up online backup or online interactive rising hot than ( So the first is to install the radiator fan) , it is also a backup or online interactive rise up key reason of the battery. 2. Battery charger design scheme is threaten the reliability of the storage battery rise in battery charger is a very important part of the battery standard has much effect on the cell cycles. If the rechargeable battery is always in a constant current source batteries or floating home appliance, it can improve the service life of ups battery. In fact, the battery life is much longer than pure battery life. Because the battery can slow down the battery the whole process of brittle, ups should keep the battery, whether running or shut down. 3. Battery voltage damage the reliability of the battery cell is an independent of the original battery reaction, each original battery voltage is about 2 v, original battery connection to create a high working voltage of the rechargeable batteries, 12 volt rechargeable battery is composed of 6 volt original battery reaction, 24 volt rechargeable battery is made up of 12 v primitive cell reaction. When ups battery, each of the serialization of the original battery. Will lead to some subtle differences in the primary battery performance battery charging voltage is higher than other cells, these cells will be brittle much earlier. If the characteristics of the elderly is a series of original battery is reduced, all the characteristics of the battery will reduce. The experimental results show that the cell cycle related to total battery series reactions, the higher the battery voltage, the faster the brittleness. Can be showed in the end of the voltage standby switching power supply, or in a certain time in order to close IT machine. Large data centers rely on UPS and battery to provide power supply, to ensure that at the end of the voltage cycle show important operating system software. ( 1) Generally USES lithium battery switch power supply reliability of power supply system, all battery will become a common point of failure. Damage to the battery will make large data centers to collapse, especially if the large data center equipment without creating redundant ups power data. Public opinion survey pollomon research office, according to a study of common faults in the battery is unplanned breakdown leads to large data center, beyond the human errors, caused by excessive increase capacity, hacker attacks and extreme weather safety accidents. Study found that 55% of unplanned outage and a third of the ups system anomalies associated with the common faults of battery. ( 2) The working life of battery must be replaced every 4 to 5 years time, or in the UPS system within the service life of 15 years to replace three to four times. Conversion of battery cost, time and human capital involved increased their total cost. The service life of the battery is battery charging frequency. However, battery charging, frequent circulation system, indoor high temperature or uneven, battery terminal is too tight, the battery connection is loose factors will affect the battery life. ( 3) Specifications and net weight battery cabinet occupied large data center infrastructure construction of a large number of indoor space. Turnning in addition, the battery will be large, in some large data centers equipment, constructing the turnning for wooden floor to withstand the battery system software. ( 4) Repair and maintenance of large data center equipment and technical personnel and professional and technical personnel must according to the regular monitoring of the working voltage, continually assess the actual situation of lead-acid battery, ensure that damage to the battery is not easy to endanger the normal operation of the battery. Large data centers must always keep maintenance, in order to eliminate corrosion, avoid disconnected, identify and replace defective batteries. ( 5) Refrigeration storage battery must be at 77 ° F ( 25°C) Room temperature, temperature control to make sure that all the normal operation and service life of 4 to 5 years. Refrigeration storage battery room or server cabinet cost increases with the increase of the total cost. In addition, the battery ohm conversion is sensitive. Every 10 degrees at room temperature will reduce half of the working life of the battery. ( 6) The environmental pollution of lead and sulphuric acid is the key elements of a storage battery, harmful to the natural environment. Battery recycling is regarded as one of the world's most polluted manufacturing.
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