What are new energy car battery type

by:Freego     2020-08-03
New energy car battery types have a lithium battery, nickel metal hydride batteries, fuel cells, lead-acid battery and super capacitor. 1, lead-acid batteries, lead-acid battery has a history of more than 100 years, is widely used in gas turbine auto start power plant. It is also a perfect pure electric vehicle batteries, it is reliable, easy to obtain raw materials, low price; Than power can also be considered a pure electric vehicle driving force of the regulation. However, it has a few defects: one is the energy density is low, the quality and volume is big, the first battery charge mileage short; The second is application cycle is short, the cost too is high. 2. Nickel metal hydride battery, nickel metal hydride batteries belong to alkaline battery, nickel metal hydride battery recycling system long life, no memory, but the price is high. 3. Lithium ion battery: the lithium ion battery as a new type of high pressure, high efficiency and relative density of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, its unique physical and photoelectric catalysis performance, market prospect with common civilian and national security. Its characteristic is light weight, large energy storage technology, no pollution, no memory, long use. Under the condition of same volume weight, lithium ion battery workload is the double of rechargeable batteries, is four times the size of the nickel cadmium battery. In addition, it is a real green environmental protection battery, not easy to damage to the environment of the natural environment, is the present best battery car rechargeable batteries. Since the 1990 s, the design and application of lithium ion battery developed in China. 4. The general dosage of nickel cadmium battery, nickel cadmium battery only for lead-acid battery, its energy density is 55 w/h/kg, more than more than 190 w/kg. It can fast charge, long circulation system, more than double the lead-acid battery, can reach 2000 times, but the price is 4 - lead-acid battery 5 times. Although its purchase in advance to the high cost, but because of its advantages in the aspect of kinetic energy and the use cycle, its long-term application cost is not high. Defect is memory, caused by a lack of charging, easy to reduce the energy of the rechargeable battery capacity. After 10 times, such as for memory, should continue to charge 3 - Five times, in order to free memory. In addition, cadmium is toxic, purchasing work, should be paid attention to in order to prevent the cadmium, lead to air pollution. 5. Sodium sulfur battery: sodium sulfur battery advantages: a high energy density. The basic theory of the energy density of 760 w/kg, more than 100 w/kg, 34 times that of lead-acid batteries, the other is a high current, high power charging and discharging. Charge and discharge current of 200300 ma/was commonly, can instantly release three times as much kinetic energy. Due to using solid electrolyte solution, liquid electrolyte for lithium secondary battery with no battery life and adverse reaction, the battery charging current efficiency was 100%. The operation of the sodium sulfur battery temperature is 300350 ℃, so must be insulating heat insulation in the rechargeable battery. High temperature corrosion is serious, the cell cycle is short. Existing selectivity of vacuum insulation thermal insulation technology can be reasonably solve the problem. This is a difficult problem, such as characteristics, reliability and application of the safety factor is not ideal.
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