What about industry position of Freego?
Freego now is a rising star in the industry. At present, it covers several different series of products including Freego. Every series is attractive enough to attract customers in different countries with its own characteristics and uniqueness. Our products have helped us gain more presence in the national market. Aiming to be a famous leading brand in the global market, our brand will keep marching forward to develop and provide more and better products so as to satisfy customers' various needs.

The gather and cultivation of outstanding talents and advanced technology lead to the progress of Freego. electric scooters is the main product of Freego Power Co., Ltd.. It is diverse in variety. The food trays of Freego lithium ion battery for bike are designed with large holding and bearing capacity. Besides, the food trays are designed with grid-structure which helps dehydrate the food evenly. A team of 60 R&D staff is allocated for the manufacturing of the product. The product is environmental-friendly. When it is not used, it can be recycled, reused to eliminate pollution to the environment. Each performance of the battery surpasses the average level of the whole industry.

Our values are not only rules of behavior, but also guiding principles. Embedded in our DNA, they shape our ethical culture, producing a shared mindset that keeps ethics at the heart of our decisions and actions. Get info!
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