Waste battery treatment method

by:Freego     2020-08-14
Waste battery repair at present there are mainly two kinds, one is add electrolyte lead-acid batteries, one is free WeiHuXing battery. The length of the battery service life, not only depends on the structure and quality of storage battery, and is closely related to the use and maintenance. The service life of battery in 5 - commonly Eight years or so, if proper care, can achieve 8 - 12 years. When change garments according to the battery maintenance is very necessary at a time. Maintenance-free battery don't have to add distilled water and adjust the concentration of electrolyte, is fully sealed, generally there will be no overflow to the surface of the battery electrolyte. It maintenance is very simple, mainly to check whether there is leakage, clean the surface dirt, processing of plus or minus two pile oxide, tighten clamp two extremely pile and observe the color of battery electric eye. Magic eye color is green is fully charged; Black as the battery is low, need to supplement charge; Gray or pale yellow to electrolyte is insufficient, because of maintenance free storage battery can't add fluid, should immediately replace the battery. Lead acid waste battery maintenance is more troublesome, in addition to the above mentioned maintenance-free battery maintenance project, still need to pay attention to the following two aspects: one is to check the height of the electrolyte and the concentration, the height of the electrolyte in the highest ( MAX) And the minimum ( 分钟) Between, too low will reduce the capacity of the battery, make plate vulcanizing, too high will spill over into battery pole pile surface corrosion, lead and body. The concentration of electrolyte on the working condition of storage battery has a great influence, in the northeast of our winter electrolyte concentration of sulfuric acid to adjust to 1. 28 g/ml, the attention concentration measurement and adjustment must be done under the condition of the battery charge; 2 it is to clean up the dredge pipe, keep the exhaust ventilation is good, the charging process of waste gas discharge in time, otherwise it will cause the electrolyte from the charging hole overflow, serious can even lead to battery explosion.
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