Ups uninterruptible power supply battery when need to replace?

by:Freego     2020-08-10
Ups uninterruptible power supply battery when need to replace? UPS uninterruptible power supply battery recommended brand high quality free maintenance batteries. Users don't choose carrier ups uninterruptible power supply due to covet is cheap battery will have self-discharge phenomenon ( 自我 D1SCHARGE) , if not in use for a long term, can make the energy loss, so the charge and discharge should be carried out regularly. Engineering personnel can be judged by measuring the battery open circuit voltage of battery, 12 v batteries, for example, if the open circuit voltage is higher than, say the battery energy storage and more than 80%, if the open circuit voltage is lower than, you should immediately to supplement charge, if the open circuit voltage is lower than 12 v, says batteries to store electrical energy is less than 20%, and use of battery. Maintenance free storage battery as a result of absorption liquid electrolyte system, does not produce any gases during normal use, but if the user use undeserved, cause the battery charging, can produce gas, the battery internal pressure will increase, will open pressure valve on the battery, serious can make battery blow up, deformation, leakage, and even burst, these phenomena can be judging from the appearance, such as found that the above situation batteries should be replaced immediately. Load is not the choice of all electrical equipment need to use UPS, likewise, UPS is not applicable to all electrical equipment. User when choosing the load of UPS, the main consideration should be given the size of the device, load characteristics, load as well as to the importance of the adverse impact of power to the load. ( 1) Ac load according to the features of load device generally divided into two kinds of single-phase and three-phase power supply way. Small power load, power from hundreds of VA to 100 kva, generally the single-phase power supply mode, choose single-phase output UPS; And high power load, power from dozens of KVA to 1000 KVA, three-phase power supply way more, so need to choose three phase output of UPS. Load type generally can be divided into resistive, inductive and capacitive linear load and the nonlinear load (contains rectifier circuit Also known as the rectifier load) 。 Computer and peripheral equipment for nonlinear load. UPS is suitable for the resistive load and rectifier with capacitive load. Sensibility, capacitive load, nonlinear load startup inrush current, such as computer rectifier load even during normal operation, the peak factor also has 2 ~ 3, the current peak of RMS for its 2 ~ 3 times, so the this feature should be considered when choosing a UPS, should keep a certain allowance for UPS. For some low power factor of inductive load such as air conditioner, because the starting current is big, can reach its rating of 5 ~ 7 times, and frequently, therefore, not apply to general small and medium-sized UPS unless adequate allowance. ( 2) The influence of bad power to the load ( 3) Load size and capacity of UPS electrical load will generally calculate the nominal power rating or rated current and power factor and other parameters, but due to differences in different types of load, and the total power can't difference is bigger, so the total power can not simply additive and its vector and should. In general, most user load for computer equipment, the power factor in between, so the load can be progressive rated power and total power, such as printers, and other types of individual load can start according to size the rated power multiplied by a coefficient calculation in again. Depending on the load capacity of UPS, generally can choose according to the following formula: UPS capacity> = load capacity of members present, namely the load capacity should be UPS below 80% of the rated capacity. Select 80% load mainly considering the impact of the load startup current and the future expansion of the user needs.
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