UPS uninterruptible power supply battery factory in jiangxi industry definition and classification

by:Freego     2020-08-10
UPS uninterruptible power industry definition UPS ( UninterruptiblePowerSystem / UninterruptiblePowerSupply) , that is, uninterruptible power supply, is a kind of system equipment, storage battery (it will More for lead-acid maintenance-free battery) Connect with the host through the host inverter module circuit converts direct current (dc) into markets such as power supply. Mainly used for the single machine, computer network system or other power electronic devices such as solenoid valve, pressure transmitter, etc. , to provide a stable, uninterrupted power supply. When the market power input, normal UPS will provide market for load voltage stability. At this time, UPS is an ac voltage regulator, at the same time it also recharge the battery in the machine. When the market power interruption ( Forced outage) Pour zero translation, UPS immediately by the battery dc power supply to the load, continue to supply power to load 220 v ac, keeping the load running, to protect the load from the damage of the hardware and software. UPS equipment usually provide high voltage or low voltage protection. UPS uninterruptible power supply industry classification according to the principle of work, UPS can be classified into three types of backup, online and online interaction. Is one of the most commonly used spare UPS, it has UPS is the most basic and important functions, such as automatic voltage regulator, power protection, etc. Although the conversion time usually at about 10 ms, but due to its advantages of simple structure, low cost and high reliability, in areas such as computer and peripheral equipment, POS machine has been widely used. Backup UPS power supply is divided into standby sine wave output UPS power supply and backup square wave output UPS power supply. Standby sine wave output UPS power supply, single output can reach 0. 25 kw / 2 kw, when the market between 170 v and 264 v power changes, to provide users with voltage regulator for the processing of market power; When the market power exceeds 170 v ~ 264 v range, UPS will provide high quality sine power supply. Standby square wave output UPS power: unlike standby sine wave output UPS power supply, only 50 hz square-wave power provided to the user. Online UPS structure is complex, but the performance is perfect, can solve the problem of road 4 PS series and so on all the power supply, its outstanding characteristic is can continuous zero interrupt pure sine wave output ac power, can solve the peak, surge, such as power supply frequency drift problem; Because need more investment, it is frequently used in key equipment and network center, such as electricity demand environment. Compared with the alternate type, on-line interactive UPS with filtering function is strong, the market forces strong, the conversion time is less than 4 ms, inverter output to simulate sine wave, and other functions, can be equipped with servers, routers and other network equipment, can also be used to power conditions.
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