Traction with the service life of the lead-acid battery and dry storage preservation method about what factors

by:Freego     2020-08-08
First of all, we all know that traction with lead-acid battery to last longer that normally would have to pay attention to not let the battery charge discharge, which means less than wait for battery has no electricity, equipment has stopped work to recharge. Also don't wait for battery charging point electricity when the time is too long, as long as the electricity and then stops charging in a timely manner. Secondly, the choice of the charging voltage with the traction with the service life of the lead-acid battery is also key, regardless of the storage battery, shell will be clearly marked with the battery charging voltage above, that is to say, when charging the battery how much should be connected to the ac voltage. In general, we used in the ordinary life of traction with lead-acid batteries are basically use 220 v ac voltage to charge. Voltage is too large to use transformer to adjust. Finally, before the first officially put into use the best battery USES the electric capacity of factory after fully charged again. Traction with dry sealed lead-acid battery storage method first, traction with lead-acid battery if going to dry storage custody must be without any fault on the premise of the battery, if there is one quality problem must first after repair to save, at the same time, we also need to check the battery shell is in good condition, if there is any crack or a part of the drop. For use in battery to judge whether it's battery capacity is reduced when the situation and reduce the amount of the dry seal to save time is a good idea to check its capacity, if the capacity is less than 85%, there is no necessary to save. Secondly, in order to make the battery can be normal use after dry seal save generally best will be fully charged before dry seal, and then put half then sealed. And pour the electrolyte inside after rinse clean with distilled water and then use vaseline oil daub conductive parts.
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