There is a temperature deviation battery normal use

by:Freego     2020-08-11
The normal use of storage battery temperature deviation, the use of different season, the output current intensity and energy storage electrochemical is inconsistent. Torre brand forklift battery discharge curve. Volatile at high temperature, low temperature scope, it has good capability of energy storage. Even in 25 degrees below zero, it can also start correctly. Low temperature starting ability refers to the short-term storage battery under low temperature environment. Between large current discharge ability. Sealed lead-acid battery has been widely used due to its many advantages. Sealed lead-acid battery charging technology, however, seems to have no attention, but due to the unreasonable charging method and cause premature battery scrap is a common phenomenon. Or cold area in winter, because the battery of cold start performance is poor, the car can't start the engine. Carried out in accordance with the standard of low temperature starting ability test, is to charge the battery at low temperature ( < - 18℃) Environment at least 20 hours a day, or the middle of monomer battery electrolyte - temperature is reached 18 c, and then to large current discharge, to test the battery discharge performance. RGE time accord with a standard to ask. Start at low temperature is the main reason of the unqualified negative plate passivation. In the event of passivation, electrochemical reaction rate will fell sharply, battery capacity will be greatly reduced. The key is to solve the problem of negative plate passivation in negative plate production process appropriate adding alkali lignin, barium sulfate, carbon black and other passivation additive resistance; Ordinary car storage battery is the same as the starting principle of internal-combustion forklift battery, are lead-acid battery, belongs to the starter. Winter low temperature start status should be paid attention to.
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