The working principle of the car battery

by:Freego     2020-08-09
Automobile storage battery are very common now, now every family has a car, the car has to match the car battery, so what is the working principle of car battery. Batteries contain electricity for future use. The battery is composed of two different kinds of conductive material and electrolyte. Through a series of electrochemical reaction, the battery can store and release energy. In typical lead-acid battery, the voltage of each battery of about 2 v, a total of six or 12 v battery. When any need electricity load ( Such as radio) Connected to the battery, immediately formed between is the cathode circuit, so as to generate an electric current. Most people don't realize lead-acid battery in a state of continuous charging and discharging. When the battery is connected to the need to electric power equipment, such as automobile engines, the current output from the battery. At this point, the cells began to discharge. When the car running, generator to the battery power supply, car battery recharging process. When the battery is discharging, active substances reaction is more active. In the end, run out of power and current output. Direct current (dc) can be used to the lack of electric car battery charging. Fully charged battery can charge the battery for electrical equipment at any time. Lead-acid battery charging and discharging process of unique, means that power can store and release again and again. This is also known as cell cycle capacity.
The global market was valued at 36 volt battery for electric bike in lithium ion battery for bike and is expected to reach a market value of 24v lithium ion battery for electric bike by electric bike battery 48v 20ah, with a CAGR of dry battery for bike during the forecast period.
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