The working principle of lithium-ion batteries

by:Freego     2020-05-27
Show yi is committed to providing customers with a full range of battery solutions, to provide customers with selection from batteries to the circuit design, structure design and so on a full range of solutions. You only need to tell us your request, the rest of us to do! Lithium battery: the lithium battery is generally use lithium manganese dioxide as positive pole material, metal or its alloy metal anode materials for batteries, the use of water electrolyte solution. Basic principle of lithium-ion battery discharge reaction: Li + MnO2 = LiMnO2 lithium ion battery: the lithium ion battery is usually USES lithium alloy metal oxide anode material, graphite as the cathode material, using nonaqueous electrolyte battery. Charge on a positive reaction for LiCoO2 = = Li ( 1 - x) CoO2+XLi++Xe- ( Electronic) Charge on a negative reaction to 6 c + XLi++ Xe - = LixC6 rechargeable batteries overall reaction: LiCoO2 + 6 c = Li ( 1 - x) CoO2 + LixC6 anode anode materials: many optional battery anode materials, mainstream products with lithium iron phosphate. The positive materials of the different control: LiCoO2. 3. 7 V 140 mAh / g Li2Mn2O4 4。 3磷酸铁锂0 V 100 mAh / g。 3 V 100 mAh / g Li2FePO4F 3。 The positive reaction: 6 V 115 mAh/g is discharging lithium ion embedded, charging lithium ion embedded. Charging: LiFePO4 & rarr; Li1 - xFePO4+ xLi+ + xe- When the discharge: Li1 - xFePO4+ xLi+ + xe- → 磷酸铁锂。 The cathode anode materials: use graphite more. A new study has found that titanate can be better materials. The cathode reaction: discharging lithium ion embedded, rechargeable lithium ion embedded. Charging: xLi + + xe + 6C → When LixC6 discharge: LixC6 & rarr; xLi+ + xe- + 6 c on lithium battery, you only need to tell us your request, the rest of us to do! Show yi solemnly promises: 1) 24 hours door-to-door service, unqualified samples full refund 2) All can't afford to lithium battery explosion not burning drum (2)
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