The superiority of AGM battery

by:Freego     2020-08-10
In April this year, the most authoritative lead-acid battery testing institutions - — Light hybrid with AGM battery through the whole performance verification, test results accord with standard of mass VW75073, recognised by the Volkswagen experiment, comprehensive performance even better than the foreign brands battery. At present, this kind of battery has already got Volkswagen, audi, BMW and Mercedes, supporting companies such as general confirmation or cooperation intention. The successful development of China's light hybrid battery, fills the blank of cars with AGM battery technology in domestic and market blank, is a revolutionary industry domestic lead-acid battery industry and upgrading to upgrade. It also marks the sails that domestic battery industry's leading enterprises and national brands continue to walk in the forefront of product innovation, industrial upgrading. In the full development of AGM battery at the same time, the sail accelerating the upgrade of the traditional battery products. Company from the end of 2008 will expand car maintenance free battery production capacity as the starting point and focus of enterprise development, start out by instalments, replacement of the original charge battery capacity. By 2009 to 2012, the comprehensive project optimization and capacity reengineering, dry lotus eliminated all replacement batteries, domestic initiative, 3 million hybrid sheeting free battery project successfully put into production. By the end of 2013, start the battery capacity of the sails jumped from 2008 at the end of 6 million to 15 million, which is free of cells increased from 43% to 94%, in order to ensure the market leading position laid a solid foundation. AGM batteries is a completely satisfy the START - 停止( Up - Stop) The high standard requirement of high performance battery. 开始- - - - - - STOP system is a set of control of engine start and STOP system, judge the state of the vehicle by computer, in order to control the operation of the engine start-stop, but users completely without changing any driving habits can achieve fuel-efficient environmental protection effect. When the red lights stop, the owner will promote the neutral range, engine immediately automatically shut down; When the green light up, hit the clutch the engine is started automatically. The system depends on the TSI + DSG foundation, under the same power configuration, average fuel capacity of 8% to 10%, improve the fuel economy, more energy conservation and environmental protection. At present the system has been very popular in Europe, the United States is also energetically marketing and use. At the same time, the AGM battery more than other battery startup performance, longer life. Cold starting current is high, the rate can be up to 10 times as much as 20 hours capacity, much higher than ordinary lead-acid battery; Circulation service life is 3 times of ordinary maintenance free storage battery; It is applied in hybrid cars, can reduce 3% to 6% of the carbon dioxide emissions. According to the passenger cars in our country has 100 million cars, if 30% of installed AGM or EFB ( Normal hybrid vehicle batteries) Will reduce carbon dioxide emissions a year, 4. 2 million tons, save fuel consumption is equivalent to 48 billion yuan. Industry experts predict that in the next five to 10 years, AGM battery and EFB will account for 30% and 50% of the market capacity. , according to a U. S. LUX research agency predicted in 2015, the Chinese market of micro mixing cars ( Using the AGM battery) Will reach 9. 5 million units.
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