The sun battery matters needing attention in using

by:Freego     2020-06-22
The matters of attention in the sun battery use German contains the parameters of the battery: the battery electromotive force, open circuit voltage, stop, operating voltage, discharge current, voltage, capacity, specific energy, battery internal resistance, storage function, using the stature ( Floating charge and discharge cycle life spans, etc. ) ; Function indicators include: maximum discharge current, charge before, retention capacity, seal response function, the safety valve action, explosion-proof function, prevent acid mist function, etc. 1. It is necessary to put UPS area can be distinguished ventilation, away from the water, combustible gas and the etchant. Dalian battery 5 quotation. Should adhere to the UPS in the wind hole and fan out wind Kong Xiaochang, details please visit goods using the manual. 2. Battery grid in a state of safe operation for a long time, the battery every 3 ~ 6 months should take the charge and discharge time. 3. Germany sun battery don't overload operation. 4. Operation of environmental temperature and humidity fit the demand of commodity use manual.
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