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by:Freego     2020-08-05
In recent years, the state introduced various policies and measures, specification lead-acid battery production and recycling, but the reporter discovers in jiangsu, guangdong, ningxia and other places, lead-acid battery in the process of production and recovery, unable to stop pollution. Especially in the renewable industry, on the other hand, conventional secondary lead enterprises 'supply', on the other hand, a large amount of waste batteries into the 'black market'. The personage inside course of study thinks, lead-acid batteries in the production and recycling link exists serious potential lead and acid pollution, contamination, adding to the heavy metal pollution. In order to effectively implement extended producer responsibility system, we should further perfect the relevant policies and regulations, the introduction of environmental deposit refund system, implement the classification of waste lead acid storage battery. Lead is a heavy metal does great harm to human body. Lead and its compounds enter the human body, will be on the nervous system, hematopoietic, digestion, kidney, cardiovascular system, endocrine system, such as damage, even cause lead poisoning. Some environmental protection public welfare organization to extract the enterprise suspected wastewater, entrust a third party with test qualifications, 'commodity inspection (brigitte d god Shanghai) Co. , LTD. (' 'Blue d detection') Detection and analysis. According to the BVI test analysis report, environmental public welfare organization from Alice suspicious wastewater samples battery outer wall pH value is 2. 23, is strongly acidic. Heavy metal lead level of 8150 micrograms per liter. China is the world's largest producer of lead-acid batteries and exporter. According to the National Development and Reform Commission released the latest data, in 2017 China's metal lead production reached 4. 72 million tons, accounting for about 44% of total global lead production. Waste recycling of lead-acid battery has a long history of chaos. As early as in 2010, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the battery industry planning for the prevention and control of heavy metal pollution ( Draft) 。 Pointed out that in Europe, America, Japan and other developed countries waste lead-acid battery organized recovery more than 90%, and the recovery rate was less than 30% of our country. In fact, for the purpose of regulating the recycling of waste lead acid battery, in recent years, the relevant state department introduced various policies and measures. Waste lead-acid battery recycling industry, however, there is still a mess. Formal recycling companies squeeze the living space, and in the field of waste lead acid storage battery recycling, has formed a 'bad coin lined up currency'. Some illegal 'mix' of the use of almost zero cost of unfair advantage with formal enterprise for commercial competition. Reporter survey found that the following causes lead to the formation of scrap lead-acid battery recycling field 'bad coin out good currency'. In recent years, the establishment of extended producer responsibility system for solving the problem of lead-acid battery recycling has become the industry consensus. Some local governments and social organizations, enterprises are actively promote the extension of the lead-acid battery production responsibility system. With the expansion of the market demand, China has become the world's largest lead-acid battery market, each year the number of waste lead acid storage battery and more than 3 million tons. Due to increasing waste lead acid storage battery are numerous, status, its market potential of the recycling cannot be underestimated. Lead plate accounted for 74% of the battery, sulfuric acid (4%), plastic (20%). For a long time, because the waste lead-acid battery has not established a consummate system of recycling, most of the waste lead acid battery into illegal small workshops for easy disassembly, eventually left lead plate, dump acid directly, the comprehensive utilization rate is very low, of human and ecological damage. The environment. In our country, annual production of 3. 3 million tons of waste lead acid storage battery, the recovery of less than 30% of the lead-acid battery on a regular basis, buried potential pollution hazard. In recent years, the establishment of extended producer responsibility system for solving the problem of lead-acid battery recycling has become the industry consensus. Its core is disposed by leading producers in the product of responsibility for the recycling use of resources, to encourage producers to implement product source control and green production, maximize the efficiency of resource utilization of the product life cycle. In December 2016, the State Council general office issued a 'producer responsibility system implementation plan', the four types of products such as lead-acid battery producer responsibility implementation of the system. It requires the guidance manufacturers set up product lifecycle traceability system, support the 'cash-for-clunkers' and so on ways to improve recovery, explore the centralized recovery of lead-acid battery manufacturers and cross-regional mode. In July 2017, the National Development and Reform Commission ( 国家发改委) Held seminars on lead-acid battery makers extended responsibility system implementation plan. Discusses the perfect statistics, verification, evaluation, supervision and target control system approach and method of recycling targets and decomposition scheme is proposed. In order to promote the specifications of lead-acid battery recycling and utilization of some local governments, social organizations and enterprises are actively perform lead-acid battery to extend the production responsibility system through different levels.
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