The operation of the battery discharge method is introduced

by:Freego     2020-08-01
1. Full charge release system. The fan installation, concentrated charging battery to family, household use two batteries in turn. Wind power is limited by the wind, especially for small fan. Small wind in the village, fan must focus on the installation outside the village, line in the rural areas there are difficulties, for this way. The fan can be installed in wind field better, can make full use of wind power. Battery rotation to ensure full charge and discharge. The disadvantage is that: I need more batteries, increase the cost of investment and electricity. 2. The low efficiency of the battery, About 40% or so) 。 3 e storage battery charging and discharging rotation is frequent, short service life. Carry the battery often bring trouble to users, it is easy to hit the battery; Operation, easy to electrolyte leakage, could lead to a shortage of battery fluid or burn out clothes. 2. Half floating charge system. The fan ( Dc power) With battery power supply in parallel way of working. When the power is not used, During the day) Generate electricity, fan for electric battery charging; When there is no wind, electric storage battery to supply power to the load; When the wind into the battery by the fan power supply for power generation, and is used to power supply. The method is applied to a machine for one to three families, small battery configuration, investment also reduced accordingly. Half float charging the battery service life generally is longer than the charging system, the efficiency of the battery is about 50%. 3. The floating mortgage system. Batteries and wind turbines connected to the load circuit, in order to keep the battery in low current charging period. Fan for load, wind speed fluctuation voltage fluctuation caused by battery have the effect of stability, ensure the normal power supply. The operation mode under the battery service life is longer than the above two ways, the battery capacity is greatly reduced, increased energy efficiency, simplify the battery maintenance, the efficiency of the whole power supply equipment is up to 60% / 70%. This is the way of wind power plant at the king's right flag behind hanbo work.
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