The characteristics and advantages of colloidal battery have?

by:Freego     2020-08-06
Why is everyone to choose colloidal battery, what are the characteristics and advantages of colloidal battery? Colloid storage battery: advantages: large amount of electrolyte, it is not easy to happen by thermal runaway inflation, cycle life and floating life is generally good, disadvantages: production technology is difficult and high cost. Gel battery is lead-acid batteries in the gelling agent is added, the electro-hydraulic colloidal becomes. Battery installation process will be as the case may be different, and the difference between conventional lead-acid battery is not just about electro-hydraulic to gel. Solidification states such as water-based gel, look from electrochemical classification structure and characteristics belong to gel battery. And like a knot in the plate grid with high polymer material, commonly known as the ceramic plate gate, can be regarded as the application characteristics of gel battery. Recent laboratory existing in plate, a to the coupling agent is added to the formula has greatly increased the plate, the utilization of active substance reacts according to non-public information can achieve weight specific energy levels. Features: colloidal battery internal porous mesh structure, there are a lot of small aperture, with smooth migration of oxygen of the anode to the cathode plate, is advantageous for the negative absorption combined, colloidal battery with acid amount is larger, so its capacity and the battery, gel battery internal resistance is larger, generally do not have a better large current discharge characteristics, heat diffusion easily, not easy to heat up, the thermal runaway. So this ingredient or water and silica gel, the electrochemical action of still water there is not much difference between the reaction process, however, changes in the structure, can bring many advantages. The advantage of gel battery was good cycle life over discharge resistance can long-term insufficient electricity and discharge ( Batteries such use is easy to happen sulfide failure high and low temperature performance is better than colloid lead-acid battery using gel electrolyte, inside there is no free fluid, electrolyte under the same volume large capacity, heat capacity, heat dissipation ability strong, can avoid thermal runaway phenomenon caused by general battery, the electrolyte concentration is low, weak corrosion effect of plate, density uniform, there is no electrolyte stratification. Colloid lead-acid battery performance is superior to the control valve of sealed lead-acid batteries, colloid lead-acid battery has the use of stable performance, high reliability, long service life, temperature adaptability to the environment ( U. S. , bear ability to discharge cycle discharge depth discharge for a long time and large current discharge ability is strong, have to over charge and discharge protection, etc. Charging is difficult to restore the domestic colloid lead-acid battery for electric bicycle is by vacuum infusion in the diaphragm, the silica gel and solution between irrigation and battery positive and negative plates. Colloid lead-acid battery to oxygen cycle at the beginning of use, this is because the colloid has surrounded the positive and negative plate, positive plate of oxygen diffusion to the negative plate to the above, cannot be achieved with the active material of lead on the negative plate reduction, can only through the exhaust valve, consistent with rich liquid type battery. And because all of these type T5 lamp USES mostly absorb dome light, bent into various shapes.
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