The car battery life revelation, 99 & # 037; People don't know!

by:Freego     2020-08-08
About car driving no oil and electricity is undoubtedly the most embarrassing thing, no oil can also use the spare oil or go to a gasoline station, but no electricity can only waiting to be trailer or rescue. Most owners generally do not focus on the car battery, the battery's problem is not rare, you also need to offer certain value for it. Car battery type vehicle battery is the main function of engine starting, and under the low engine speed, to power a whole vehicle electrical equipment. Requirement is that the car battery, large capacity, small internal resistance, have enough ability of starting. Car battery including wet charged battery, dry charged battery, less maintenance and maintenance free storage battery, battery modern car basically USES maintenance-free storage battery. Most early battery for ordinary lead-acid battery, need to add the electrolyte ( Distilled water) , but the price is relatively cheap, with mature technology, now use more convenient maintenance free car battery is becoming more and more popular, but the price is relatively higher. Lead-acid battery is made up of positive and negative plate, plate, shell, electrolyte and wiring and other components of the pile head, the discharge chemical reaction is depend on the positive plate of active substances and negative plate active substances in the electrolyte ( Dilute sulphuric acid solution) Under the role of, of which the plate grid frame is made of lead antimony alloy. For traditional battery will happen in the process of using fluid phenomenon, this is due to the gate of antimony on the shelf will lead pollution on the negative plate, excessive water decomposition, a large number of oxygen and hydrogen escape from the positive and negative plates respectively, reduce the electrolyte. Car battery specifications single rated voltage is 2 v lead-acid battery, charge and discharge the number is 200 - 300 times, between the rated service life is 3 years. Vehicles use lead-acid battery to 12 v, this means that the battery is six series single battery to battery pack, to the 12 v voltage rating. Use car battery product label in China generally similar to '6 - QAW - 54 a 'travel tools such as 1, on behalf of the storage battery applicable models including 6 on behalf of the battery using a 6 single, Q represents the car battery, M for motorcycle battery electric vehicle battery, F, D said valve control type battery, JC for HK to ship battery, battery. 2, on behalf of the car battery types A and W says the type of battery, A for dry what type of battery, W said no WeiHuXing battery, without marked, ordinary battery. 2, 54 said on behalf of the battery rated capacity battery rated capacity for 54 ah. 4, on behalf of the car battery version Angle mark a for the first improvement on the original, if b represents the second improved version, and so on. In addition some batteries will in auxiliary brackets indicate the maximum current, generally it takes more than 250 a car starting current, so the replacement battery rated current must be greater than this value, otherwise there will be not enough electric current can't start the car.
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