The battery solar street lamps use principle

by:Freego     2020-08-04
In solar LED street lamp system, the battery is one of indispensable part, so in the process of using, what you need to follow the principle, to good use, play the advantages of it, to grasp the certain principles. Everyone know that the battery is not model, it is the place that store energy, for solar LED street lamp battery, also is same, it is also used to store electricity, light, it generally have a lead-acid battery, the kinds of NI - Cd accumulator, Ni - H battery. But in the street lamp lighting, with the more is colloid lead-acid battery. In the process of choice, follow the principle of what? 1, can satisfy the premise of night lighting, the solar energy stored during the day, and the stored energy can meet the demand of continuous rainy night lighting electricity. 2, for the capacity of the battery, if too small, cannot satisfy the needs of night lighting, battery capacity is too big, will cause the battery will be in a state of loss of electricity, affect the service life of the battery, but also caused a certain amount of waste, increase unnecessary costs. 3, the battery is not merely a whole, it is need and solar photovoltaic panels, load power matching. In this way can give full play to its function, provide function to store electrical energy. For solar street light, some part of it, each of which is very important, so be sure to attach importance to it, for the battery solar street lamps, it is the basis of guarantee the lighting, so be sure to choose the right, and need for it. Recommends the process of storage battery, the choose and buy must watch carefully, to choose the right. And to use the right method.
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