The advantage of maintenance-free battery compared with the traditional battery

by:Freego     2020-08-09
Battery electrode connection is this season is easy to appear problem, so please be sure to check at any time. Check the circuit components for signs of aging or short circuit. Due to excessive discharge, prevent battery retire ahead of schedule. In the process of inspection, if there is a green oxide electrode connection, please remember to remove and clean water. If does not remove these green oxide, the generator will not generate enough electricity, so the battery in the lack of state. If it is severe, can lead to run out of battery. As the core of the dc power supply system components, battery plays a key role in the standby power, abnormal and special condition, keep the normal operation of system. This is the normal operation of power system after the line of defence. At present, the battery online monitoring gradually brought to the attention of the people, and is widely used in electric power, communication, etc. The correct use and storage battery is of great significance to its service life. When the battery discharge to low or even zero voltage, battery within a large number of lead is adsorbed to the battery cathode surface, cause the battery cathode. Lead is a kind of insulation, its formation will be great negative impact on battery charge and discharge performance. Therefore, the more salt is formed on the cathode, the greater the internal resistance of battery, the higher the battery charge and discharge performance. Small capacity monomer voltage sags were obscure, has been excessive discharge. After discharge, observe monomer into horsetail curve, if the current is bigger, the voltage reduced quickly, and soon the reverse, when the battery charge is the opposite direction, or passive, active material structure is broken, another side effects happen quickly, over a period of time, loss of battery active material is close to full, equivalent to. In view of the raw materials, with the same batch of monomer battery, capacity, internal resistance, performance parameters, such as life accord with normal distribution and discrete degree is limited; Given under the condition of same current incentives, the consistency of the monomer battery voltage change process gradually approaching the consistency of other performance parameters, some important parameters are charged. Paper summarizes: forklift battery overcharge had put the damage to the battery is fatal, the difference only lies in the overcharge to produce large amounts of gas, easy spontaneous combustion and representation, and a gentle appearance change, but the failure rate is very fast, in normal use should be strictly avoided. In the future, lead-acid battery will remain in standby power, energy storage, starting, power and other application fields play an important role. Within the scope of the global market, lead-acid batteries because of its mature technology, high security, high utilization rate of recycling, wide applicable temperate, voltage stability, unification of good and the price is low wait for an advantage, in the battery market dominance. Maintenance-free battery compared with the traditional battery the advantage of the characteristics of maintenance free storage battery compared with the traditional battery, has the following advantages: 1, do not need to add any liquid. 2, pile head for wiring, wire less corrosion; 3, overcharge resistance ability; 4, large starting current; 5, battery storage time is long. Maintenance-free battery USES lead calcium alloy grid frame, charging during decomposition of water quantity is little, low moisture evaporation, coupled with the outer seal structure, the acid gases released is very few, therefore have more advantages. Maintenance-free battery because of its under normal charging voltage, electrolyte produced only less free maintenance battery repair the distribution of fluid to repair and maintenance-free battery, to buy battery supplements on the market, not to buy into the electrolyte. Note: when adding supplementary liquid storage battery shell itself on the liquid surface mark, there are two horizontal lines, the above lines are: high level can't more than this line, the bottom line is: below this line should complement in liquid. General level of electrolyte and electrode plates keep 5 - 8 cm distance. Battery in use should be regularly check the height of the electrolyte, timely inspection on condition of storage battery to save electricity and supplement. Battery maintenance work is simple, do a good job in the electrolyte of supplement, storage battery, and a pile of clean and the proportion of battery control work, can effectively extend the service life of battery. Due to the widespread use of maintenance-free battery, the battery under normal working condition, generally do not need maintenance.
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