Solid-state batteries

by:Freego     2020-06-16
Solid-state batteries every battery performance significantly increased, major changes are essentially battery material system. Because each kind of battery material system has its energy density limit. From the first generation of nickel metal hydride batteries and manganese acid lithium battery, the second generation of lithium iron phosphate batteries, to the currently widely used around the year 2020 and is expected to continue to the third generation of ternary battery, energy density and cost respectively presents the obvious trend of rising and falling. As a result, the next generation of power battery to choose what kind of battery system, is very important to achieve the aim of battery around 2025. The current batteries, lithium iron phosphate monomer energy density in the 120 - roughly 140 wh/kg, the scale of the ternary battery monomer can achieve 130 - energy density 220 wh/kg, the battery is three yuan in lab can reach 300 wh/kg. But subject to the existing system architecture and key cathode material impact, the existing system of lithium ion battery energy density is basically difficult to break through 300 wh/kg, it is difficult to meet the needs of the future power battery. Want to reach 2025 400 wh/kg monomer battery energy density, the level of 500 wh/kg in 2030, new battery technology r&d and industrialization is imminent, it means that the range of electric vehicles than now will be doubled. Current commercial lithium ion batteries, the main problem is to use the liquid/gel electrolyte, electrochemical window is limited, difficult to compatible with lithium metal anode and new research and development of high voltage anode material, so that the energy density rise a bottleneck. And in the security level, this architecture also cause short-circuit spark, ion concentration increases the battery internal resistance, electrode material consumption and so on. And solid-state batteries into the field of vision, because it has a high ionic conductivity and mechanical strength, wide electrochemical stability window and working temperature range, can achieve high energy density, high power density and high security. Solid electrolyte than organic electrolyte has a wide electrochemical window, is conducive to further broaden the battery voltage range, and because there is no concentration polarization and can work in high current conditions, thus enhance battery energy density. And solid electrolyte nonflammable, non-corrosive, non-volatile, there is no leakage problem, no diaphragm separated are negative, prevent lithium dendrite growth, fundamentally avoids the battery short circuit phenomenon, can be used more negative material. In addition, when integrated into electric cars, solid-state batteries also has compact structure, size is adjustable, the characteristics of elasticity and designed for vehicle integration. In this regard, solid-state batteries is perfect? In fact, far from it. At present has the potential of polymer solid electrolyte materials can be divided into, sulfide and oxide, but different material and different permutation and combination of the chemical performance difference is very big, some fast charging and some high energy density, strengths and to be short, it's hard to do a material to solve all the problems. At the same time not stable chemical properties and preparation technology problems such as imperfect real also let solid-state batteries still have a long way to go.
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