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safe lithium ion battery for ebike ebike online for bike

safe lithium ion battery for ebike ebike online for bike

Safe lithium ion battery for ebike ebike online for bike

Air door to door/sea/FOB
TT/PAYPAL/Western Union
370*90*92mm 24V 8-26AH 36V 8-23AH 48V 8-16AH
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Product Information of safe lithium ion battery for ebike ebike online for bike
Company Advantages
1. Freego dry battery for bike must go through various tests conducted by the third-party labs. These tests cover the aspects of colorfastness, symmetry, size fitting, breathability, abrasion resistance, and durability. After one year's use, the battery is almost undiminished
2. The product has attained a high customer satisfaction according to the feedback. Impeccable after-sales service is offered for the product to solve customers' worries
3. This product is regarded as a green and eco-friendly product. It contains no heavy metals which may cause pollution. A long-term life cycle is the outstanding feature of the product
4. The product features a smooth surface. During the production stage, all imperfections are eliminated, such as microholes, cracks, burrs, and watermarks. It has passed security tests and is certified under SGS ROHS, CE, CB, KC, UN38.3, and MSDS
5. This product achieves great softness. The chemical softener is used to absorb on the surface of fibers, making the surface become smooth meanwhile enhancing the force between fibers. A reasonable price is given to the product

  • Applicable for electric bikes, e-scooters, e-motorcycles,and other small vehicles;

  • Fixed to the down tube easily and save space;

  • Over 2000 life cycles which can work approx. 5 years;

  • Thin size and light weight with Plastic material;

  • Special cell holders design is safer for cells’ vibration.







Normal Capacity

10000mAh (0.2c)

10000mAh (0.2c)

10000mAh (0.2c)

10000mAh (0.2c)

Normal Voltage





Inter Impedance





Maximum Charge Current





Maximum Charge Voltage





Constant Discharge Current





Maximum Discharge Current





Discharge Stop Voltage





Weight Reference





Life Cycles

800 cycles

2000 cycles

Work Temperature







Store Temperature

In one month



In sit month




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 Best quality and the lowest price can meet your demand.

 Impeccable after-sales sevice will solve all worries after you buy our products.

 24 hours on line to reply you immediately.

 OEM/ODM is available

   ---Printing logo on customized products

   ---Customized design and material

   ---Customized packing for your products

Every process will be checked by responsible QC which insure the products' quality
Samples could be prepared for you on time
Guide you how to install
 Compensate for the product if some quality problems on our side
If you come to our factory, please inform us in advance,we pick you up if our driver available

Company Features
1. Freego is exerting a deep influence in the industry of lithium ion battery for ebike by dry battery for bike . Our technology is always one step ahead than other companies for electric scooter battery .
2. Our advanced machine is able to fabricate such 36v ebike battery with features of [拓展关键词/特点].
3. Our technology takes the lead in the industry of e-bike battery . Freego Power Co., Ltd. is determined to build itself into the largest ebike lithium battery production base worldwide in the following years. Ask!
First the positives. This bag is well made, looks great, affordable, and it seems like it would keep the contents dry in heavy rain although I have not tested that to know for sure. However, I have 2 issues with it that kept me from giving it 5 stars. The first issue is that it doesn't fit properly on my Trek 820 mountain bike. The horizontal bar on the handle bars sits a couple inches above the top frame bar. So rather than sitting close to horizontal, my bag hangs closer to vertical which make the screen difficult to see. I am going to try to rig some type of support under the bag to see if I can get it to lay properly. The second issue is that my iPhone X doesn't stay flush against the clear plastic cover that protects the phone. The air gaps or air bubbles between the screen of my phone and the plastic cover make it more difficult to both see and interact with the screen. This bag allows my phone to be a lot more accessible than having it stored in my saddlebag and keeps it much more protected than carrying it in my jersey pocket but I had higher performance expectations for the bag based on the reviews I read before purchasing it. ***** UPDATE ***** (5/24/18) Today I rented a road Trek road bike and installed this bag on the rental. That corrected the screen angle issue (the phone in this bag hung vertical on my MTB). However, for an iPhone X with FaceID, the angle between the screen and the riders face is still wrong so the FaceID will not work properly. When I tried to unlock my phone using the passcode, I had to retype the code several times because the button presses did not register consistently through the plastic cover. There were still some air gaps between the screen of my phone and the plastic cover of this bag which greatly reduced both screen visibility and responsiveness. It is a well constructed bag so I still give it 3 stars but it was disappointing how trying to use my phone while it was in the bag.
Fits my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 perfectly and allows easy touch screen access through the transparent shield. The storage pouch secures nicely to the bike and provides just the right storage for wallet, keys, etc.
It works well but sometimes it's difficult to swipe when the phone is in the bag
purchased, amongst other bike accessories for my mother who has gotten very into biking since retirement. so far, so good!
dumb as hell that this wouldn't ship with acid like every other battery ever.
Super Bright Light. High quality materials well made quality construction. Floods the road or trail in front of your bike or scooter with direct beam of light and ambient light, like a good quality headlight on a car. You can see all the obstacles in your way and you can see things on the sides of the road or trail. I always look for value for the dollar spent and to get a better light than this you would have to spend a whole lot of money. The one down side is the way this light attaches to your bike or scooter. It is held in place by a heavy duty rubber band. The light will move if you hit bumpy areas. In order to stop this I simply attached it in place with the heavy duty rubber band and some electrical tape and now the Headlight stays exactly where I pointed it at on the road ahead. It also has a long lasting battery so I can complete my r ides with out changing or recharging the battery.
Not a bad light for the price, but it did not seem that bright to me. Not a bright as my 2 year old Niterider Lumina 700. It is a very focused spot. I tried it for Mountain Biking. The lighted area was too small for close objects. It would be better for street riding, because at about 40 feet, the spot is as wide as the sidewalk. The light seems very sturdy. I really like the solid switch. Reasons for a low rating: 1. I was expecting it to be brighter. The advertised 1200 lumens was disappointing. 2. The light is not adjustable side to side. If your handlebars are curved, the light may aim to one side.
Bought this light for night riding on our trails. Plenty bright in totally dark dense forest trails. Charges fast and the mounting hardware seems to work well, as it keeps it in place even through our root-infested singletrack trails. Don't spend more for lights at a bike shop, this thing is amazing and I cannot believe good lights can be had this cheap!!!
I love Willie and Max bags. They are tough and durable, I have had three sets on three different bikes. They fit my 2011 Dyna Super Glide perfectly. (After I re-located the turn signals)
This is a wonderful product to protect against rust. I had used and sold the other brand, but this turned out to be a virtual match of the same quality. If you knock off the old rust with a wire wheel or brush, you only need to spray on this Inhibitor to end up with a professional quality protective coating. My boat trailer looks like it had a makeover. I also used it on my hitch receiver, and it too, looks almost new again. So, if it's rustable or corrodible, covert it with NPFormula anticor and stop worrying about the problem. Fare price for what it does, and it's less costly than the other brand.
Good stuff!
Good battery for the price
Good heavy cover. Doesn't fit as tight as the first one I bought, but it also didn't tear when I put it on. Very durable.
good deal!
I have a spyder with a high windshield. It fits fine. This one is thicker than the last one I bought 5 years ago. I'll see how waterproof it is this weekend. Rain is expected.
arrived on time part was as expected
Installed on my Harley 883 . A little narrower front to back than stock , that made a great storage area behind the battery for my Battery Tender wires . Yuasa quality with good cranking power .
received this item very quickly from seller and it was exactly as ordered.the battery was easy to fill and charge. installed the battery and it worked perfectly.this is the first sealed battery i have ever purchased for my goldwing and hope it lasts more than a year. i would order again from this seller. the service was excellent. top rated
Good price for a quality product that fired up my 1985 Sportster. Fitment was perfect for my bike.
Works perfectly
best bayyery
I've only been using this battery a month but so far it's serving me well and it's made in the USA!!!!!!!
Husband says it's great.
Works as expected
While you can save a few dollars going with some of the off brand batteries, I've found Yuasa batteries to be of better quality. In my experience, Yuasa batteries I've purchased in the past last about twice as long as others if you take proper care of them. Putting in the acid is a pretty simple process, but remember to take proper safety precautions (gloves and goggles).
Exactly same one that I replaced, work great
Replaced the stock battery perfectly in our Yamaha dirtbike. Charged quickly, fit fine, even the battery bolts are well designed compared to cheaper replacements.
love it
Make sure leave the tubes in the battery for the 20 minutes as specified in the lame instructions. The battery works great for my Roughhouse 50 Scooter!
I am very happy with this battery. I had to buy acid for it, but then when I do that, then I know the battery is fresh! Starts the old Shovelhead beautiful!
Excellent power at a good price.
Quick and easy. I'm sure anyone can work with this battery. The amazon "check fit" tool is a great plus.
Poured the acid and waited 20 minutes to fully settle and next day motorcycle started up w/o a problem. Happy rider. :)
I have my RV permanently parked on a private lake lot that doesn't have a septic system. I needed a way to transfer waste to the RV park 5 miles down the road. Towing the RV each time wasn't going to work for me! I have a 55 gl drum that I put into the back of my pickup. I've outfitted the drum with a 2" valve and hose which I pump the waste into. This thing performs flawlessly with no mess! I hope that it last for many years and if it goes out, I'll immediately buy another one!
Works well, but couldn't finish both tanks without the thermal switch turning it off until cooled. Other than that it did what no duct tape RV engineering could accomplish....make sewage flow UPHILL. Worth your money.
We are staying in the Florida Keys in our 5th wheel and do not have a sewer hook up where we are. This was a perfect solution for us. We are actually pumping it quite a ways further than what it says. It's a bit of a job for it, but so far to good.
There were three reasons that I bought this pump: 1) Avoid the dump station at the campgrounds which I've waited in an hour long line before 2) Thoroughly clean the tanks at home where no one is waiting for me 3) Empty the tanks without moving the camper while camping I've been able to use the pump successfully for #1 and #2 and I plan on getting a tank to achieve goal #3. Pros: - The pump is FAST. I can empty both my gray and black tanks totaling around 70 gallons in less than 5 minutes. - It pumps easily through a 50' long 5/8" hose up about 4 feet to a toilet just inside the house from my garage - It's reasonably quiet while pumping and makes quite a bit more noise when the tank is empty making it easy to determine while it's finished pumping - The flusher connection is very convenient for filling and flushing the tanks repeatedly. - The push button on/off switch seems to be very high quality. - The pump forms a very solid seal with the sewer hookup on the camper and doesn't leak whatsoever. - It comes with an extra o-ring in case the one included on the pump wears out or is lost. Cons: - The wiring harness needs to be assembled and doesn't come with any clamps or hook-ups. I bought some 30A alligator clips (from Amazon) and 100' of 12A wire (from eBay) and soldered them to the connections that come with the pump. This was easy enough for me but I'd imagine someone that doesn't have familiarity with electrical connections might find it annoying. Make sure that you get at least 12 gauge wire since this pump pulls a lot of current. The first time I used it, I had some 16 gauge wire laying around that I used and it ended up melting the wire near the inline fuse. Once all of this was assembled, I'm able to connect the pump to the battery on the camper and everything works great.
Thank you Two day shipping is assume. Flo-jet is now a work in progress!!! . on how to wire? They don't give you much info on how install to Battery . For the price there product (Flo Jet) there should be more Info ??????????????????????????????????? Mahalo
Absolutely recommend this item arrived fast, works well no mess or issues, buy an extra impeller to keep on hand in case you store it dry and spray w/ automotive silicone 2-4x a year (Inside)
great to have on a Rv to pump out your honey tank, very good product.
Bought pump and it leaked. Called the manufacturer and they were very cooperative and sent a new pump. Need 3/4" contractors hose for discharge keep it from overworking. Also recommend a clear elbow so you can see what is going into the pump.
Works great with no lugging of a heavy storage tank. I was able to pump the sewage Into my 32 gallon tank in my truck bed to take to the disposal station.
This thing is awesome. It has it's limits. Don't run dry. Don't pump up hill. (Slight grades are ok). Read and follow directions. Nice and tidy way to dump in clean outs, toilets etc.
Great IR light for my recently purchased Night Vision Shop - really lights up Coyotes and pigs easily out to 200 yards. Can't do wrong with this combination of UR Light and Night Vision Rifke Scooe.
My husband says it works perfect better than he thought. If he's happy so am I.
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