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safe electric scooter battery lithiumion online for electric bicycle

safe electric scooter battery lithiumion online for electric bicycle

Safe electric scooter battery lithiumion online for electric bicycle

Air door to door/sea/FOB
TT/PAYPAL/Western Union
428*160*75mm 24V 8-20AH 36V 8-20AH 48V 8-20AH
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Product Information of safe electric scooter battery lithiumion online for electric bicycle
Application Scope
The e-bike battery produced by Freego Lithium Battery is very popular in the market and is widely used in Manufacturing Electrical Equipment & Supplies Batteries industry.Freego Lithium Battery is dedicated to solving your problems and providing you with one-stop and comprehensive solutions.
Enterprise Strength
  • With a comprehensive service guarantee system, Freego Lithium Battery is committed to providing sound, efficient and professional services. We strive to achieve win-win cooperation with customers.
Company Advantages
1. Freego battery motor for bicycle is designed with the latest technology and suitable for use in various environments.
2. The product has a durable construction. It is built to withstand great abuse, which extends its lifespan under harsh environments.
3. The market share of this product is growing, showing its wide range of market applications.
4. High commercial value makes the product have a wide range of market applications.

  • Applicable for electric bikes, e-scooters, e-motorcycles,and other small vehicles;

  • Fixed to the down tube easily and save space;

  • Over 2000 life cycles which can work approx. 5 years;

  • Thin size and light weight with Plastic material;

  • Special cell holders design is safer for cells’ vibration.









Normal Capacity

10000mAh (0.2c)

10000mAh (0.2c)

10000mAh (0.2c)

10000mAh (0.2c)

10000mAh (0.2c)

10000mAh (0.2c)

Normal Voltage







Inter Impedance







Maximum Charge Current







Maximum Charge Voltage







Constant Discharge Current







Maximum Discharge Current







Discharge Stop Voltage







Weight Reference







Life Cycles

800 cycles

2000 cycles

Work Temperature







Store Temperature

In one month



In sit month




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Company Features
1. Freego Power Co., Ltd. is a company that involves the design, production, and marketing of battery motor for bicycle . We are highly recognized in the industry.
2. Our quality is our company name card in electric scooter battery industry, so we will do it best.
3. We operate ethically and lead with integrity, earning the trust of our employees, customers, suppliers, investors, and the communities where we live and work. We give the community a quality service within the scope of our businesses. We actively participate in social services, charitable activities and educational initiatives in the community. We will anchor environmental considerations into our business planning and decisionmaking processes. We aim for minimum impact on air, water, and soil, hence we will adhere to the strictest regulations on wastes management.
My 10 year old LOVES it. Watching him ride makes me wish I were 10 years old again! So much fun!
First of all you can buy this at Walmart for only $100. But anyways this scooter is amazing. it is so much fun. The battery lasts about 40 minutes and has to charge overnight(12 hours) We have two of these. They spin and go super fast.
My son liked this at first but the charge doesn’t last long. He hasn’t played with it since Christmas. My son is pretty big for 8 and this fits him well for him
Is this good for a 61/2 year old daredevil kid lol
My son loves it I got it for his eighth birthday and he drove it so much I couldn’t believe it
My kids love these. I got two of them and they ride around and act crazy.
Works great, My seven year old son loves this thing.
Display is pretty good, I think this is the nicest Bafang display till date. The real issue I have is fixed buttons pad cable. that is to short for anything, but standard commuter bike handlebars. The bike that I've got for my e-bike conversion project has slightly wider handlebars and I couldn't stretch it to comfortable position. Ideally you would want to twist the cable around the handlebars a few times, so that it doesn't dangle around, but this doesn't have enought length to even route it straight. It also doesn't have enough clearance to cover thumb throttle. I have to clarify this though - it goes over the horizontal thumb throttle, but not over the vertical one. I ended up mounting it behind the brake lever, which is pretty far from the handles, but still reachable. Ideally I would like to have throttle, then the button pad and lastly the brake levers. Another thing to mention is two modes - ECO and SPORT. I have no idea what it does apart from changing the colors on the display - green for ECO and red for SPORT. I also couldn't find any way to switch it after you power it on. The only way is to select which mode to start with in the settings. Given how powerful BBSHD motor is, I switched it to SPORT, as I can't imagine having ECO with 1000 watts motor.
Works great with bbshd
works well
I bought these for flying a powered paraglider in the winter. My hands get cold easily and these gloves take care of that. I have worn these for 3 flights I am extremely happy with them. They have kept my hands warm through all the flights on medium. When it gets a little colder, I may need to put them on high. When I am on the ground with little wind, I put them on low and it keeps my hands nice and warm. I measured my hand at 9 inches and bought the XXL version because I am a tall person. They fit perfectly. They heat up within 20 seconds. They block the wind completely. You can use your phone or tablet while wearing these gloves. The battery compartment on the gloves are on the back of the wrist so it does not get in the way. If you will be working 8 hours outside with these gloves, you might want to get another set of batteries. I have not looked into getting another set of batteries because I will not be outside for longer than 3 hours. After my second flight, my batteries were completely dead. I plugged them in the charger and it took longer than 3 hours to fully charge. I don't know how long exactly because I needed sleep. Overall I am extremely happy with these. This is my first pair of heated gloves.
Works as expected.. im pleased with everything except I wish the battery lasted longer. I get about 2 hours on low.. and 30 mins on high. One funny note, I wore these for several days thinking they aren't warm at all, even after pushing the button over and over.. then I leaned against a counter and I was shocked to see the button change colors! Apparently, to turn them on you have to hold the big button down till the bright light comes on! It made a HUGE difference. They are very warm and comfy.
Grandson loves this motorcycle. Very easy to put together and a great price.
This item was cracked in several areas the speed is OK for starters but it does not increase
Overall an amazing buy, I couldn’t be happier seeing my son’s beautiful smile!!!
Thumb liner is misaligned, gloves are poorly insulated so inside of hand becomes cold, size says Large but is really Medium (too small) and included instruction manual is for a different glove.
Works great
I liked the speedy delivery.It was shipped yesterday. The packaging was professional and item worked right out the box. It came with an usb cord for charging. And an instruction manual a child could understand. The base of the lock has a nice weight to it. The shackle (the U part) is 16mm thick which makes it harder for thieves to cut through it with bolt cutters. I Purchased the shorter version for my bike. The more snug the fit, the harder it would be for a thief to wedge a tool between the lock and pry it apart...Be aware that key/ combination locks are EASY! for thieves to break into or decode. That's exactly why I decided to try this lock out. I debated before purchasing this lock. The 1st yet only review I saw had a video which helped in my decision because us buyers oftentimes are discouraged by a lack of reviews. But I can honestly say that this lock is legit. It has colored light indicators to indicate when battery is low, charging, fully charged and adding fingerprints. You can add multiple fingerprints and delete fingerprints as well...A benefit is how quick it unlocks. A bigger benefit is that you won't have to spend time searching for a lost or potentially stolen key. The only ones with access to this lock are the ones who fingerprint(s) are registered to it. This lock is sturdy and AUTHENIC! and serves its purpose. I'm not sure how long the battery lasts so to be on the safe side..I personally recommend charging it fully. checking the led indicators on the base. flashing red=time to charge. And if you keep a portable charger a.k.a power bank on hand you'll be more than prepared. I wanna give a thanks to the sellers and I'll try to upload 2 videos I recorded. I hope my unbiased review is a help to potential buyers. ***when inserting shackle. start with the curved end first. you'll see an inner hole in the base(from one of the two shackle holes).
Used this to rebuild a buddy’s Sand Viper ebike after it was dropped off a trailer. The wiring diagram for the controller seems accurate, but don’t plug the intelligent wire into anything as it made the motor do some weird stuff. I guess it’s supposed to be for calibration, but it made the motor spin without spinning the wheel. Had a short in the plug for the meter, so I spliced the wire myself, but this took some time to figure out. Also had to splice the motor hull wires. Handles/brake handles seem of decent quality and replaced the ones that were ruined very nicely for the price. Took an electrician and myself about 8 work hours, but a Friday night and Saturday morning to get set up. You will have to google all the nuances of the Chinese controllers, but they are all pretty much the same once you get the hang of it. We couldn’t figure out the nut on the pedal hub for the pedal assist, ended up reusing the old bracket, but quickly figured out that even though the arrows were correct, the pedal assist was 100% backwards. Easy fix, but trend throughout is a lot of feeling in the dark trying to make the rats nest of wires talk to itself. That said, we liked the size of the new controller, it was half the size of the old one (bike was made in 2016) and we had plenty of room to stuff in wires.
works great
Wow if you are on the fence, buy this scooter! You won't regret it. I bought this scooter for its parts to convert my bicycle into a hybrid electric pedal assist bike. Those plans went out the window as soon as I rode it 6 miles home on the first day. The tool kit that it comes with is also a great little tool kit for my other bike too. Out of the box assembly is a snap. You will need to install the handle bar, front tire, seat post (with the seat) and cargo basket that's all. Took me less than 10 minutes without any directions. VERY IMPORTANT: AIR THE TIRES UP TO 40psi! I rode one whole week never checking the air pressure from when I assembled it but you should. You get more range and better top speed having them at the right pressure. They came with about 21psi and airing them up to 40psi made a night and day difference especially how the scooter itself handles and accelerates and coasts. One more thing. The charge port cover is not a plug. It rotates clockwise out of the way of the charging outlet. So many reviewers snap it off right away thinking its a plug. It's not, it twists away. On to the actual riding experience. I did a range test on purpose to try and kill it and got 12.5 miles on very flat and level paved Florida roads (and some sidewalks) before it dropped to about 6mph top speed and low light was on with throttle applied. I'm around 160lbs 5' 11" my fastest top speed so far was 18mph low winds going straight and flat and 12mph climbing a steep causeway (it nearly killed the battery but it did it no problem) Speaking of the low charge indicator. It's garbage! it doesn't tell you ahead of time when the batteries are low. The low light typically only comes on when you are on the throttle. Even with dead batteries if you have it on just sitting there the indicator will show "Full" - absolutely useless don't rely on it. Count your miles to be safe. You don't want to completely drain the batteries as you risk making them not being able to take a charge. I typically charge it after about 6 miles then it only takes about 2 hours to fully charge it then it's ready to go again. If you completely drain them they will take about 6.5 hrs to fully charge back up inside with cool ac. Charging it in the hot sun or with the sun on the charger takes longer. The cool thing about the scooter is it will maintain a decent top speed (15mph after 9miles in my case) even with low batteries. It turns some heads and kids go bananas when they see me pull up or take off, I live in a coastal Florida city where everything is within 5 miles each way so I haven't driven my car since I got it and I can comfortably go ANYWHERE around town without the charger and in some cases it's faster than driving because of the stop lights or take about the same time. I carry the charger along usually in case my plans change on the road for longer trips. Carrying heavy groceries affects the range but hopefully you are not trying to transport your groceries 10 miles with this thing otherwise you will be fine. Not having a keyed ignition does suck but having a lock fixes that problem. I added a phone holder to the handle bars (for music and headlight) and rear light to ride at night safely. I absolutely love this thing and after about 200 miles and a lot of recharges everything is holding up well and the top speed is still there. The rapid acceleration has faded but it gets up to speed just fine. I plan to upgrade to 12aH lithium ion batteries, 1000W motor running 48V instead of 36V and a slightly bigger controller. 30mph top speed for a 20 mile range is the goal to seriously make this my daily driver. Pros: Realistic range on a single charge for City commuting (12 miles for me still wasn't completely dead) Charge time is not an issue if you always plug in after each use Very affordable Top speed is too much for sidewalks You can really give your car a break and use this most of the time The gas savings Charging electricity is not even noticeable on my electricity bill. It's a trickle charger that flows a tiny amount of amps over time -one reason it takes so long to recharge from dead The seat!!! The most comfortable cycle seat I have ever sat on. I must have 1 for my bicycle now. The bamboo deck is nice Cons: On/Off switch requires you to bend down low to access it Same for the charge port. Very low on the scooter Friggin heavy, hit the gym before you buy if you live up steps Battery level indicator is a joke Free for the taking without a lock no anti theft anything whatsoever No suspension No front brakes [...]
Good Scooter, but the batteries will not last. I've had mine for about 18 months. I use it for a 4 mile round trip several times a week and I'm on my third set of batteries. The first were replaced under the warranty, and my scooter was out of commission for about a week waiting. The second set were covered through the extended warranty. But over all I really like this is recommend it so long as you buy the warranty.
I bought this scooter a couple of weeks ago and I have to say WOW! I live in a suburb that is quite spread out, and work 2 jobs. My roomie and I share a car and it was such a hassle to wait on a ride, or schedule my work around his job (He makes more than I do! :)) .. I needed something smart and easy to ride. Bicycles were out of the question, as the summer heat in Southern Mississippi makes such dangerous for one who is past her fiftieth birthday, not to mention arriving to work sweaty and exhausted with the humidity and heat. So, I thought I'd give this a try. Oh my heavens! It's such a pleasure to ride it's a joy going to work and home again! I'm a plus-sized lady, and was a little worried about loss of power, but that has been zero problem! I make it across town on this in twenty minutes, and that includes stops for sips of water, or just to enjoy the scenery! Light rain seems no problem for the scooter, either. Just be careful of the brakes. The only thing I recommend to enhance the ride is a better seat! Well, that and mirrors to see what's coming behind you, if you ride on the roads (as I have to do because of the appalling conditions of the sidewalks here!) Also, be careful of gravel! I can say from experience, OUCH! Wear a helmet, long sleeves and long pants! Yet in spite of my spill, I simply enjoy Allons-Y (as I call her! ;)) tremendously! I recommend this for anyone. My niece and nephew have also christened me The Coolest Aunt Ever and simply love taking joy-rides when they can. Everyone I meet on the road asks where I got her and think she's neat. I personally recommend this to anyone who lives in the South, for summer commutes, or simply to have fun with.
Love it but wish it had a bit more hill pulling power. Great on the flat areas. No so much on the hills. Easy to get in and out of vehicle. Folding handle bars would earn it 5 stars! Btw I am 5'9"--230lbs. With dog add 7 more lbs. Gets 16 to 18mph with my weight... love it! Great around a campground and getting to fishing holes!
Nice and stylish it would be even Better if it could go more miles on a charge and if it had reflector or some kind of safety feature that came with it. Convenient can put on bus if you need to travel more than the 7 miles the charge will last. I purchased this so I didn't have to be a taxi for my son and it serves the purpose.
Bought this model in 2013 following knee surgery to get around at work until knee better. That was 2 surgeries ago. Tore knee up again so pumping up tires.. for 3rd surgery... using same battery/charger I started with.. and will take it back to school to work until knee recovers from surgery next month. Last surgery.. I drove it 3miles from home to work on back roads and made it to work on one charge.. didnt want to bother anyone to haul it to my work for me.. Goes about 18mph straight roads.. hills it dropped to about 12.. according to co-worker who tailed behind me with flashers on.. excellent I purchased a bigger softer seat .. installed it myself..and.. changed the back tire tube only once.. by myself.. I'm now 62 yr old female. Sucker is heavy and mine doesn't fold up but it's rock sturdy and dependable.
This is a very Good Quality scooter. My daughter wanted it to ride the short distance to work that she had (about 4 miles 1 way). It was great, even up the steep hill she had to climb until she got pregnant so that was the end of that for a while. There were some missing parts when it arrived since the company it was purchased from (Not Razor) had dragged the box across the warehouse a few times and wore several Holes in the bottom of the box. I Contacted the "Razor Company" and they immediately sent out the missing parts and a couple extra. They were Great!! I would buy this again if needed and any other item made by the RAZOR Company that was wanted in the future.
Very impressed with this! If your considering a E300 I would seriously consider spending the extra $$ (esp if there's any kind of inclines in your area) best decision I could of made when replacing my broken E300! No comparison! This thing really has some power, it will literally throw you back when accelerating! Now it doesn't have fixed speed settings; however the throttle is extremely functional and I often creep alongside my wife at walking speed ? it can also carry the wife and myself up steady inclines with no problem (320+pounds) I probably put 100 miles on this thing and it's still running like a champ. The only downside compared to the E300 would-be portability but it is extremely easy to disassemble and pretty much take it anytime I leave the house now ie. music festivals, state parks, nature trails, etc. Best money I've ever spent ???
I LOVE THIS SCOOTER! It is well made, very comfortable and has a top speed of 18 MPH. I can go about 40 minutes before a recharge is needed. The picture does not show it, but it comes with a black metal basket that is perfect for holding a bike lock and grocery bag. Everyone that sees this scooter wants one! I purchased from eSportsonline (through Amazon) and the seller was simply amazing. The shipping time was stated to be up to 30 days, but it arrived in two! (I ordered it Tuesday night and it was at my front door Thursday afternoon!!!). I bought a Kryptonite Kryptolock with cable (also through Amazon) which is just the right size for locking the frame to a metal post, with the cable lock passing through the front tire to fully secure the scooter. Keep in mind that this electric scooter is not waterproof (per Razor), so you can't take it in the rain or get it wet. It is designed for level roads and not hills, but it can handle gentle inclines, depending upon the weight of the rider. Also -and this is very important- you MUST charge the scooter for at least 12 hours between uses as it uses a lead acid battery (which have a "memory effect") so if you don't fully charge the battery, you will permanently degrade the battery going forward and the scooter won't get the full range that it is supposed to get. A great buy!
I live in the Napa Valley,,,,flat and perfect for this scooter. I am able to traverse around town without an issue. I found the batteries that come with the scooter did what Razor claims, 18 MPH/40 min run time However i wanted more ride time I purchased upgraded batteries ( that improved performance about 30% now i leave the old batteries charged at a friends house downtown in case i need to swap them out. If yo are going to use it as i do - a primary commute vehicle- Get to know your area where you can get a recharge. In Napa Walgreen has charging stations at no charge Our local Starbucks makes an exception to the "no bikes in store" You will have to ask and probably argue they are not being eco friendly if they refuse you--besides that tell them you want to eat and drink coffee while waiting! I added a front rack (see photo) since i use a dog transport in the basket. Her name is Tidbit - a 13 year old English Russel. Yes she DOES wear a helmet when on the scooter!! Overall this has been a great purchase.
work great really nice gloves even with out the heat on
We bought this for my sons sixth birthday. It was both age and size appropriate. I would strongly recommend this to anyone that wants their child to be deliriously happy. One side note is that a helmet and padding are a must.
Ok !!! WONDERFUL !!! I tried on the gloves they are very Comfortable I like It a Great website !!!
Can not wait to wear this winter and have no frozen fingers when shoveling snow.
My kid loved it
Great bike to start with. My son just turned five. He's a bit too tall for this. But his younger brother will use it next summer.
I love these gloves and show them off all the time. I get about 2 days of use then recharge over night. Even when the batteries run out they are so well made that my hands stay warm.
These gloves came with empty battery boxes. NO BATTERIES!!!! HOWEVER, after contacting corporate, there was an immediate response and all was made well. I WAS VERY IMPRESSED!
It is a nice bike, but we are having problems with the battery not holding the charge. We have to go back to Razor to get this matter settled.
My six year old wanted a dirt bike really badly, but my nephew's motorcross bikes are so loud that I knew we wouldn't be very popular in our little suburban neighborhood with those loud bikes. This one is incredibly quiet and hasn't ripped up my yard the way the other bikes would have. I don't see how a 12 year old would fit on it, but it's the perfect size for my son and he took to it very easily. I thought it would take some practice, but he's very good at it.
Was hesitant with price, but has proven its value. Wish there was a more convenient way to charge, but worth the effort for the protection from freezing hands in severe cold conditions. Seem pretty durable.
This mini motorcycle has brought hours of fun to my six year old boy. It is a great alternative to a real motorcycle.
These gloves have worked well for the few times I've warn them. I purchased these for riding bikes in the winter and find them very warm.
I love love love love these gloves. They lasted a very long time. And kept my hands very warm. I wore them to an NFL football game and they did not disappoint. I was finally able to enjoy a winter football outing without freezing to death!!!!!
These actually work wonderfully! Keeping hands nice & warm on coldest of days!
I’m an avid biker. Since I ride year round, I finally decided to try heated gloves. They are AWESOME!
I like to Quality of the gloves I purchase the 2xl size and it fit great the snow cuff to keep the heat in and the air out is great I'm using these gloves for Mountain biking and skiing and motorcycle the first time I use them it was 13 degrees out and only needed the medium setting where normally my hands are freezing and painful very glad that I purchased them and would recommend them
Hi everyone! At first I was a little worried about the age factor on this product. Our son that is 6 is a pretty coordinated and has been riding a 2 wheeler since he was 4 1/2 so, we decided we would give this a shot. WOW!! I am so glad that we did, he Loves it!!! Honestly, I think a child 11 plus would be to big for this toy. The speed of this toy is very good. Not too fast and not a putt putt. About some of the other written review's you have read about the bad batteries.. we have had NO problems what so ever. We charge it overnight when it gets low and then he can ride it for a very very long time before needing to be charged again. This is a GREAT product and I would recommed it to anyone with a child that enjoys this type of outdoor play!!! Happy Mom in Missouri
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