Regularly depth and battery charge and discharge cycle

by:Freego     2020-08-12
Battery maintenance technology in the past, after the initial charge, there have been on the depth of battery regularly charge and discharge cycle regulation, this provision initially proposed for two reasons: first, charged electric plate at high activation state, namely high potential energy state. In a state of high potential energy always has to low potential energy transformation trend of state, this transformation can make plate atrophy, surface area is reduced, the structure of the battery capacity. Exercise regularly with charge and discharge cycle to plate, in the process of charging and discharging, because of expansion and contraction of plate, makes the plate get activation. Second, in the midst of standby power batteries, after a period of time after operation, users often need to know the actual load of power battery CB and charged CJ to ensure the safety operation of the standby power. When CB and CJ only in charge to put cycle can be measured, it is called 'capacity check' in the process. After long-term practice proves that the potential energy attenuation is necessarily objective laws, but the attenuation rate is a key value, such as attenuation in lead battery use cycle, smaller has no effect on the safe operation of the storage battery, can not be considered. It's like stone long weathering, but building a house with stone material, and no one to consider the effects of weathering. Article 2 the 'reason', due to the use of the new type of measuring tool, make it has lost its meaning. Production of CB table, 60 ~ 195 a. h start metal batteries, 250 ~ 500 a. h battery car battery, 200 ~ 1000 a. h standby power batteries, can easily determine the CB value, adequate electricity can be measured when the CJ values. Therefore, the use of CB measurement technology, cancel the charge and discharge of storage battery in regular depth system, to save energy and maintenance cost of working hours.
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