Protection of lithium battery break rumors: about lithium battery explosion

by:Freego     2020-06-18
When it comes to the safety of lithium-ion batteries, it is naturally associated with the various & other; The explosion & throughout; 。 Cell phone lithium battery or popular now mobile power supply, because all kinds of battery burning and explosion caused by accident or a fear very much. But the truth about lithium battery explosion, a lot of people do not understand, even a rumor of lithium batteries, lithium-ion batteries is about misunderstanding. Today know together: how can the lithium battery explosion? Lithium battery internal structure is very simple, like a 3 + 2 sandwich biscuit, cookies, is the diaphragm, the cathode layer, like why fluid. Discharge, the middle layer of biscuits to swim. Charged lithium battery, the electrons are swim to the 3 + 2 on one side of the sandwich biscuit cracker, and sandwich and symbol in the middle of the biscuit is responsible for separated two biscuit is negative. So a lithium-ion battery, want how to explosion? Can fall explosion? No, soft shell of lithium batteries and aluminum shell lithium-ion batteries have certain ductility, so it is not enough to make the explosion. Use a knife? With a knife pierced the lithium battery can make lithium battery internal short circuit, to produce high temperature, due to shell has been obtained, not form explosive airtight condition. Burn? Burning lithium battery can make internal lithium battery electrolyte evaporation and out through the battery discharge valve, jet flame this is very dangerous, but still won't cause battery explosion tried so many methods, can make the lithium battery explosion. Actually starts from the internal explosion? A short circuit will cause explosion, airtight internal short circuit, can let the battery produces high temperature and short time to let inside the liquid expansion of gas in new cities, and a small amount of steam out of drain valve and a short time to form high temperature and high pressure, thus explosion happened. Black factory production of lithium batteries, also leads to explosions. Inferior immortality in coating lithium battery production, production of cleanliness in the process of winding and dry degree is not enough, let too much moisture and the magazine into the battery, resulting in explosion. The electrolyte is unqualified also leads to explosions. Electrolyte of lithium battery using unqualified explosion resulted from the decomposition of water under certain conditions. Binder is unqualified, can also lead to the lithium battery explosion. Binder is unqualified, off powder, the formation of burr caused membrane puncture, internal short circuit, resulting in the lithium battery explosion. So, the use of authentic lithium batteries, one of the most effective way is to ensure that no one was in danger.
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