Power lithium batteries and graphene lithium batteries

by:Freego     2020-06-17
Power battery or will be a chance in graphene large-scale application in recent years, with the development of new energy vehicles and mobile equipment, use of graphene to improve, improve material performance, energy storage, battery, power is becoming the focus of the industry. Have agency predicts, 10 years of graphene application market size can achieve one trillion yuan of above. We haven't the current so-called & other; Graphene battery & throughout; Graphene materials mixed with traditional battery materials, can significantly improve the battery charge and discharge, cycle life and so on, become the power battery enterprise key to winning in a new round of competition in the market. There is no denying the fact that graphene application technology innovation research and development in our country is restricted by the battery industry to achieve industrial upgrading. If graphene can really enhance the power battery capacity, fast charging, will direct power battery widespread pain points, and industrial upgrading of lead-acid battery industry is of great significance. From this level, power battery or will be graphene large-scale application. It is understood that the graphene in the field of battery application form mainly has three kinds: one is direct as positive/negative material; Second, as conductive additives, added to the positive/negative electrode materials, or composite modification of electrode materials, improve the electrode conductivity and charging and discharging rate; Third, as a set of fluid or set of fluid coating, used to improve the battery power. At present, the applications of graphene in lithium ion battery after mainly adopt two ways. Because graphene directly as the cathode material, the surface characteristics of susceptible to outside influences, bad stability, and points out some problems such as low efficiency for the first time, it is difficult to meet the demand of lithium ion battery performance. Lithium ion batteries as new energy automobile is an important part of the strategic emerging industries, is a hot topic of investors rushed to. Graphene into lithium electric batteries, batteries can be resistance to the minimum, effectively solve the bottleneck, hinder the rapid charging of lithium battery technology at the same time greatly prolong the service life of the battery. From the point of performance, graphene lithium battery charging time, takes no more than 10 minutes; Unit mass of lithium battery capacity, from the current about 0. 1 KWH/kg, increased to 1 15 KWH/kg, battery also can reduce more than 90% in weight. “ But precisely, and there is no current & lsquo; Graphene battery & rsquo; 。 ” Zhao Meng emphasis. Graphene has been widely applied in the field of auto & other Graphene application involves in the field of auto tires, LED lamp, glass, lubricating oil, graphene body, etc. In each industry segment, graphene is a huge market and business opportunities. In the field of automobile, graphene is used widely, can. ” Zhao Meng said. It is understood that in the field of automobile tires, graphene conducting electrostatic tyre export auto electrostatic effectively, avoid auto fire and explosion. In addition, to join the service life of tires of graphene material is twice the normal tires, and it can improve the wear-resisting, stung, to reduce the resistance of the tire shoulder properties, such as empty. In the field of automobile lubricating oil, as a new lubricant adding material, graphene has excellent mechanical properties, can be a layer of graphene protective film on the friction pair surface adsorption, provide efficient wear, anti-wear performance. “ Applications of graphene in power battery, with the market demand for traction, focus, solving the key technology and outstanding problems; Production, study and research, with elements such as innovation, build a broader platform for the whole industry chain development and innovation; And actively cooperate with new energy vehicle enterprises. In electric cars, trucks, taxis and other logistics vehicle battery supporting product development, market development, capital cooperation, etc. , realize the combination, will push the graphene materials applied in the field of new energy.
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