Parallel battery using battery capacity change and the matters needing attention

by:Freego     2020-08-11
Parallel use is very common in solar photovoltaic battery, so how parallel battery capacity is increased. A simple example: 48 v1000ah solar battery, use 12 v200ah battery how parallel use, to keep the battery in parallel with five 12 v200ah, battery capacity is 12 v1000ah, in series with 4 set of 12 v1000ah batteries into 48 v1000ah, beyond capacity battery calculated by this method. The battery in parallel need to pay attention to what? After the battery in parallel, there are generally two kinds of cases: resistance small battery to the internal resistance of battery discharge, usually new battery or high capacity battery internal resistance of the relatively smaller discharge, small internal resistance of battery will discharge first, after a period of time in the two groups with battery to output so if two groups of lead-acid battery internal resistance were similar, can be directly in parallel, completely do not need to add any electronic devices, but pay attention to the charge, without proper charger, can separate charge. Impedance large difference of two groups of battery in parallel, Such as lead-acid electric and lithium battery in the case of internal resistance aspect may be large difference) , small internal resistance of battery is bad, it is suggested that separate discharge, don't directly in parallel is advisable. Finally, to remind a bit: the two groups after battery in parallel, should pay attention to check the status of two groups of battery and often prevent because of one group of battery problems, dragged down by another set of batteries, inspection method is very simple, as long as the two groups after the battery through the switch to parallel to the controller, so that the use of two sets of battery separately, and there is a problem of battery is easily found, but also the flexibility to use a combination of two groups of battery.
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