Do you meet kinds of problems for ordering customize batteries?


1.Bad communication between maker and buyer, misunderstood the meaning of the customer, and the product is not the right one customer want, big waste of the time;

2. Paying too much attention to prices, and big quantity, looting the government's policy support, ignoring the Lithium Ion battery’s quality and technological improving, eventually cause serious quality problems;

3. To deal with some small and medium-sized customers shoddy, with Grade B cells or even Grade B cells that have not passed the safety test, to achieve low-price and low-quality transactions, and ultimately create serious safety incidents.

4. Who will pay for the bad quality? Who will compensate to the users? You might not get a contact with them any more when they knew what happened.

Let us -Freego Power avoid all the problems you meet and solve all your worries!

1. We have a professional sales team with good communication and coordination capabilities, able to accurately identify customer needs and provide qualified products.

2. The large-scale manufacturing center has large production lines, from the cells production, cells assembly, and testing of battery packs, there is a strict and safe production process.

3. Large’s Test Center, consisting of safety laboratory, environment laboratory, environmental protection laboratory and photo-voltaic power storage laboratory. Equipped with advanced testing instruments and equipment, Large Power is able to conduct overall tests and certification for raw material, accessory materials, spare parts, and battery modules at international level. 

4. 100% Testing for each Lithium Ion battery pack and supply testing report before shipping.

5. Standard and safety storage environment,U N carton package which can meet train shipping, air shipping and sea shipping.


Tell us what you want, and we will feedback you in 15 hours!




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