Need to recharge battery in the rest of the how much power?

by:Freego     2020-08-12
Need to recharge battery in the rest of the how much power? Electric vehicles use lead-acid battery and lithium battery, battery charging and the total number of charging and discharging cycle system is mostly stationary, if often the battery and the charging and discharging cycle system, cell cycles will reduce rapidly. Thus, after the application in the pure electric vehicles at ordinary times, if rechargeable batteries maintain above 70%, don't have the battery immediately. Therefore, the best time of the battery until the electric vehicle charging right or pure electric vehicles is less than 60% or more young again the battery. Many friends will often feel the battery is not so good, so often until lose power engineering of pure electric vehicles, and even when it does not yes. In fact, this kind of practice is not correct, that is to say in plain English power engineering damage, pure electric vehicles without battery, so more serious damaged rechargeable batteries. In the operation of the lead-acid rechargeable battery acid, dry solid problem, a common fault of the most common way of rechargeable batteries, when produce common faults, not only would enhance the resistor of rechargeable batteries, limit the volume of rechargeable batteries, and threatens all the normal use of rechargeable batteries and even cause the early application of rechargeable batteries. In view of the vulcanized rubber rechargeable batteries, you can first charge and discharge. In order to improve the solubility of lead sulfate, the original lithium battery electrolyte into and introduces diluent lithium battery electrolyte in rechargeable batteries. Finally, under the battery standard, the relative density of rechargeable battery electrolyte solution can adjust to regulate the amount of substance concentration, electrolyte solution slightly higher water content, the acquisition of the lead-acid battery work ability can think of is success.
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