Maintenance of forklift batteries need to be aware of

by:Freego     2020-08-09
How to maintain the forklift battery? We need to pay attention to the following error. Maintenance of forklift batteries need to be aware of erroneous zone 1. Winter use forklift battery startup, uninterrupted use to start the machine, resulting in excessive discharge of storage battery and damage. 2. Battery pile terminal appearance have corrosion, do not need to deal with, as long as you don't loose. Appearance in the corrosive, terminal will appear on the inner surface corrosion phenomenon, which resulted in increased resistance, affect the normal charging and discharging of the battery, must be handled in time. 3. In the use of maintenance-free storage battery, simply think free maintenance is without any maintenance. 4. Check and adjust the electrolyte density is not, especially in winter, causing forklift battery capacity lack, even cause the electrolyte icy phenomenon. 5. When liquid level is low, supplement electrolyte or add references to pure water, distilled water rather than need. If add electrolyte containing sulfuric acid, can make the battery electrolyte concentration increasing, may appear the phenomenon such as boiling, acid mist, seriously affecting the service life of the battery; Use to drink pure water instead of distilled water use, water contains a variety of trace elements, have a bad effect on battery. In fact, the length of the forklift accessories battery service life, depends not only on the structure and quality of the battery, and is closely related to the use and maintenance. General forklift battery service life is 2 years or so, if it is a proper care, can achieve 3 - use 4 years. Battery leakage common leakage phenomenon: one is between the cover and bottom groove seal is bad or because of the collision, the sealing glue cracking, the second is the relief valve seepage acid leakage; Three terminal permeability acid leakage; Four other parts appear permeability acid leakage. Inspection and handling method: first as a visual inspection, find out the seepage acid leakage. Take around open cover plate check valve with and without acid leakage trace, then open the relief valve check inside the battery presence of liquid electrolyte. After completing the work, if no abnormalities are found, because for a gas tightness test ( In the water up to observe the battery without bubbles produced and emitted, have bubbles, explain permeability acid leakage) 。 In the process of charging, observe whether the flow of the electrolyte, if have, explain reason is production. Charging process, the flow of electrolyte should be pumping. Water loss with the increase of storage battery cycles, water gradually reduce, the battery in the following situation: ( 1) Oxygen 'channel' become clear, the anode produce oxygen can easily through the 'channel' to arrive at the cathode. ( 2) Heat capacity is reduced, large heat capacity of water in the storage battery. After water loss, battery heat capacity is greatly reduced, the heat generated by the battery temperature rise quickly. ( 3) Due to water loss after the battery Chinese super fine glass fiber clapboard contractions occur, and the adhesion of positive and negative plate, internal resistance, charge-discharge process increase calorific value. Through the above process, battery internal heat only after the battery slot. Such as heat release less than calorific value or a temperature rise, make the battery analysis overpotential reduced gas, gas chromatography, the positive amounts of oxygen through the 'channel', in the negative surface reaction, make a lot of heat temperature rising fast. A vicious cycle lead to 'thermal runaway, the distortion. Fault inspection and handling of a set of batteries ( 3) only Deformation at the same time, the voltage to check first. If the voltage is normal. Determine whether should also measure the single voltage short circuit, there is no short circuit shows deformation is caused by charging produce 'thermal runaway'. Should check the charger of the parameters. High voltage ( The above) No overcharge protection or convert a trickle current on the low side, for replacement charger. Fault phenomenon: the battery voltage drops 2 integer times, fault inspection and handling, multimeter is used to inspect the single battery voltage, short circuit battery scrap. 4. Open circuit fault phenomena, not filling into electricity, put out electricity; Fault inspection and handling; Multimeter is used to inspect the battery voltage, if is 0, the lighter no spark, charge it into electricity, is open circuit. Cut-off battery scrap. The failure phenomenon, the multimeter test battery voltage negative, fault inspection and handling, first the battery discharge to 0 v, with maintaining a full battery charger will again.
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