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long lasting best battery for solar energy storage lithium with good price for power banks

long lasting best battery for solar energy storage lithium with good price for power banks

Long lasting best battery for solar energy storage lithium with good price for power banks

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Walled-mounted 48V 200AH 10KW
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Freego Lithium Battery has the ability to meet different needs. lithium battery manufacturers is available in multiple types and specifications. The quality is reliable and the price is reasonable.Compared with other products in the same category, lithium battery manufacturers produced by Freego Lithium Battery has the following advantages.
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Application Scope
Freego Lithium Battery's lithium battery can be used in a variety of situations.Freego Lithium Battery is dedicated to providing professional, efficient and economical solutions for customers, so as to meet their needs to the greatest extent.
Company Advantages
1. The fabrics used in Freego electric storage battery comply with global organic textile standards. They are certified by Oeko-Tex.
2. The unique substance contained in best battery for solar energy storage makes it more attractive.
3. It is bestowed with the features like excellent quality and user-friendly performance.
4. This product is widely accepted in the entire national market.
5. Our quality products have a large reputation in the market.


Wall-mounted energy storage lithium battery(10KWh)
1Battery TypeLiFePO4Wall-mounted
2Model No.LFP-48200-A2D10KWh
3Nominal Voltage48Vstandard:51.2V
4Nominal Capacity200Ah198Ah(Min)
5High-voltage57.0V ± 1.0VOver-charging Protected Voltage
6Low-voltage42.0V ± 2.0VOver-discharging Protected Voltage
7Constant Discharging Current≤ 150AInverter 6KW recommended
8Pulse Discharging Current≤ 300A2S
9Charging ModeCC-CV
10Charging Current≤65A
11Charging timeApprox. 4h reach 80%50A charging current
12ComunicationRS485/CANAdjusted to inverter
14ProtectionOver-charge / over-discharge / over-current / over-temperature / short- circuit protection, etc.Balancing support
15Charging Temperature0~45℃
16Discharging Temperature-10~60℃
18Plug typeM8 screw bolt
21ApplicationHome energy storage, photovoltaic energy storage

Company Features
1. best battery for solar energy storage is a Chinese producer of best batteries for solar power storage . We manufacture and export premium quality products in this segment.
2. The quality of our lithium battery for solar storage still keeps unsurpassed in China.
3. Our mission is to be the preferred company for our consumers, customers, employees, and investors. We aim to be a highly responsible company. We will guarantee that all of our business activities comply with legal stipulations, especially the production sector. We will carry out an environmental risk assessment to make sure the negative effects on the environment are controlled to the low range. In order to protect our environment, we work to limit the production of waste and recycle waste when possible and we manage waste treatment in each of our production sites.
I have a bagger on my mower which I mainly use for leaves, but I finally got around to using this mulcher. It is great! Mulches down even tough live oak leaves which are my main issue. Turns leaves into a very nice bedding material. Bags and bags of leaves that went to the curb can now get reused in my landscape and benefit my plants. It would be nice to have a screen to select smaller or larger mulch, but it the final outcome works great for me. Yes, bigger sticks can bind it up, but I threw a lot of yard debris through this and it handled it well. Just try to keep the bigger sticks out of it.
I dislike to bag leaves for several reasons. The leaves are a good resource for the garden, the bags cost money, and they are not good for the landfill. This mulcher eliminates thsese negatives and it is a faster way to mulch leaves. This machine will reduce about four bags into one. There are some things that have to be done for safety reasons. You MUST wear hearing protection; all mulchers are loud. You will need a breathing mask and googles. The last two are not necessary if the leaves are slightly damp (not wet). The last handful of leaves does not shred completely which is not important if you are going to bag the mulch and trash them. I put them on my compost pile and have no complaints. It will handle twigs but not large ones. It is easy to assemble. It is not as efficient as the $450 ones but it only costs a fourth of the price. Highly recommend.
I have a yard with over thirty trees. The trees in autumn are beautiful to look at with all the fall colors they display, but when they "fall" to the yard, they create a lot of mess. I received the delivery of this leaf mulcher/shredder late in the day so when I got to putting it together it was getting dark. The components fit together intuitively and I was able to get it up to working speed despite the lack of light. I was absolutely amazed when I began to shovel the leaves into the mulcher's funnel opening (by this time I was wearing a headlamp) how quickly they were shredded and deposited into the leaf bag. I had the mulcher going for about an hour and it ran like a champ. Being lightweight, it was easy to move from one pile of leaves to another. I could not believe how many leaves I could get into one bag. I also own a Worx battery line trimmer, and have been very pleased with how well it functions. This company is putting out great products.
It seems quite durable and well-constructed. It claims to reduce the volume of leaves by 11 times - and it seems to do just that. It works best with extremely dry leaves without any sticks or other debris mixed in. Wet leaves or debris mixed in with the leaves can quickly wear down the shredding line, and make it take much longer to shred the leaves. While the shredding line is cheap and easy to replace, it does mean it takes much more time to churn through a large amount of leaves. I wish the capacity was a bit larger and the cutting mechanism a bit stronger. I have a large yard with several large trees, this shredder just doesn't have the capacity I need. However, more powerful devices cost several hundred dollars more - so for the price, this is a pretty good shredder.
This is a decent leaf mulcher but that's all it'll mulch. As long as you make sure the leaves are dry you'll get decent results. It will not mulch slightly damp or wet leaves; they'll just get caked on the sides and clog it up. It uses weed whacker strings to mulch the leaves and they really don't last long so I find myself replacing the strings after every 2-3 bags. I also found that once the strings get shorter than 3/4 the length the mulcher doesn't work well and I had to use the rake handle to stir/push the leaves through. It is, however, really easy to replace the strings but it is time consuming when you're trying to get your yard cleaned up.
Worked really well, I collected the leafs while I mowed and just dumped it in so I didn't have to deal with raking or worrying about large sticks. I found the second time I used it I had to change the shredding cord and after that use it appeared to be used up. Works much better with large leafs, the second use I mowed the leafs and then remowed collecting the leafs this pass and found that the shredded leafs took much longer because they got stuck along the sides before falling into the collecting basket. Do make sure you have eye protection and a simple breathing mask it puts out a lot of dust and the occasional blow back. Easy to assemble without looking at the instructions. I found this much easier then using the leaf blower as a shredder.
Although the leaf mulcher did not reduce the number of bags to as many as the manufacture promised, it did significantly reduce how many we had. It’s very loud, but effective. I would recommend this for yards with lots of leaves.
I am using it for turning dry leaves into dust for composting. It is a workhorse and eats up leave like nobody's business. Make sure the leaves are dry and no big twigs. On occasion, turn it off and brush off the stuck particles so it doesn't clog. Otherwise it will slow you down.
I have been using the shredder for the past few months. It shreds leaves and small twigs well. I compost my shredded leaves and add a bit of bonemeal to each layer and then add water to the layers. Previously I would dump leaf litter in the compost bin and then had the difficult task of turning the compost periodically. I doubt if this will be necessary as the finely shredded leaf litter seems to be decomposing in the few months I've been filling my compost bin. The only minor inconvenience is the necessity of changing the blades after every 3 or 4 bags of leaves. The shredder works best with fresh blades. I also like this model because it is easy to disassemble and store in a small spot in my garage.
We have used it three times so far since I received it a week ago, and it works very good. Leaves are crunched into nothingness and packed nicely into the bag. No more trips and hassle to bring the leaves to the refuse center.
WORX WG430 13 amp Electric Leaf Mulcher/Shredder For several years I have been raking fall leaves and spreading them across my lawn, mowing over them with three passes, bagging them on the third pass and dumping the shredded material into a large compost box. It was time consuming, tedious, gas guzzling work. A friend recommended a leaf shredder and after checking through numerous product reviews, I chose the WORX WG430 Leaf Shredder and was not disappointed. It sets up (and breaks down) very easily, directions are provided but the set up is so simple and intuitive that directions are hardly necessary. Following the advice of some reviewers, I obtained a face shield to protect myself from flying leaf particles. A face shield or eye protection of some sort is highly recommended. I also picked up a pair of "leaf grabbers" that slip on each hand and enable me to pick up larger portions of leaves from the pile. They really allow the job to go quicker and substantially reduces the number of times needed to bend over to scoop up handfuls of leaves. The shredder does a terrific job - the main thing to remember is to not overload the hopper. I found that scoopping up a large bunch of leaves with the "grabber paws" and then gradually trickling them into the hopper allows ample opportunity for the shredder lines to grind up the leaves without clogging. The shredder does a great job in chopping up the leaves into small, mulch-worthy particles. It substantially reduces the leaf volume - better than my three-passes with the lawn mower. Most of the leaves on my lawn are from maple trees with some sycamore. I don't have much in the way of twigs so I can't comment on those but it is a leaf guzzling monster that does the job quickly. I highly recommend this product.
I bought this unit for my yard which is too small to burn leaves. Assembly is easy and only takes a few minutes. You can use both paper or plastic bags with it, but I've only used paper so far. Once the bag is situated, you just turn it on and throw leaves inside. It works quickly, kind of grinding and tearing up the leaves into small bits. The unit is fairly loud. For extended use you probably should wear ear plugs. You DEFINITELY need eye protection and a respirator. It kicks up quite a lot of dust, and it doesn't seem there's really much you can do about it. Overall I like it. I don't quite know if it is more convenient that burning leaves (assuming you have the space and the law allows), but for yards where burning is not an option, it works well.
I was very skeptical of this product but after readings so many reviews I decided to give it a try. I have not been disappointed. Not only is it well made it also works as advertised, with just a few caveats. First, the dryer the leaves the better it works. If the leaves are damp, it has a tendency to clog. But when the leaves are dry it litterally swallows them as you feed them into the hopper. While you can force feed it, it works best if you keep each clump of leaves reasonable. The engine is not the rate limiter, it is very powerful. Obviously, like a "weed wacker" the filament line with use will wear down. Unlike most weed wackers there is no spool of filament and a feed system. However, with a little practice the lines are very easy to change and can be accomplished in less than 45 seconds. I replaced the spare filaments that came with the machine with a thicker gage filament which works great and last longer. One key to filament life is to try and eliminate as many sticks as you can when feeding leaves into the hopper. It is pretty amazing how fast and large pile of leaves can be reduced to a smaller pile of mulch. The side benefit is the nice fine leaf mulch you can use to mulch your garden.
Used this one season. Extremely loud and dusty. Clogs a lot of times. I will not use it again. I just bought a leaf blower that vacuums. I cleaned up my yard and shredded the leaves at the same time way faster than using this. I also did not need bags to hold all the leaves before I could shred them because the mulch from the leaf vacuum bag went straight to the compost pile.
This product is easy to set up and use. If you have a lot of leaves it will take a while to get through them. Not quite the 9:1 that is advertised. For me it did cut the number of bags I used 3:1 from last year.
I purchased this to mulch leaves, as I do not have curb pickup of any sort in my location. From the mulched leaves, I'll be making compost; badly needed in the clay soils here. I just put my new Worx mulcher through it's first trial. Not a lot of leaves have fallen here yet, but I gathered drifts and had a trash can full - Pin Oak leaves and a few magnolia tree leaves. In addition, I had a lot of hand cut grass from tall areas (12-15"), and Iris leaves, both dead and freshly cut. Performance was decidedly sub-par with the factory cutting line. I quickly switched to some .080" spiral line from HD that cut far better, but even that wore out quickly. Lighter stuff tended to go round and round above the string blades, and like other reviewers have commented, smaller stuff builds up around the area outside the line cutting blade. The motor is very powerful, and the unit seems to be good quality, but the cutting leaves something to be desired out of the box. Larger leaves (iris and Magnolia) just got partially cut up, but the mix should do for much ok. I fed parts of it back through a second time. The product needs TWO Modifications, both of which void the warranty, the second will for sure as it leaves traces if you sent it in. 1) Better cutting string. I'm going to buy the Cyclone .095" Hexagon line here that others have mentioned. 2) The line cutting blade needs to be relocated as far out as possible to the inside of the cutting area. This is easy, and there's plenty of room to do so. You only have to drill 2 new proper sized holes in plastic to relocate the line cutter. I also will probably make a top for it. It throws lots of smaller stuff back out the top, enough to be messy. Nothing fancy here, heavy cardboard would do nicely. Overall, it's a very good product if you make the two simple modifications.
My husband loves this! This works so efficiently and really makes our yard debris so compact, we can fit so much more in our green waste bin...we don't have to set stuff aside for the upcoming weeks. We have so many leaves on our property, so that is what we use it for. He is so happy with the mulching capability of this machine, and how small it breaks down for storage. We have had it over a year, and he still talks about how this is was the best gift ever!
In spite of the favorable reviews I was reluctant to order the Worx WG430 because of the one reviewer who could not find replacement line. So, I visited the Worx website where they list the line, but with no way of placing it in your cart. I then called Worx and was able to eventually get a part number which is WA-0050 at $12.99 + $6.91 shipping. The line is .090 x 13.8 inches and my machine uses two pieces. 24 spare precut lines came with the WG430. While the owner's manual warns against substituting larger size line other than for temporary use, you can get 285 ft. of .095" line on Amazon for less than $15.00. I was impressed with how the WG430 was packaged with the sections nestled inside one another. Assembly was a snap. No tools required and no need to have the wife read the owner's manual. It disassembles just as easily and nestles right back into the box for storage (after cleaning of course). And it is easy to clean. It's loud, but it does the job. I had four big bags or large maple leaves and it reduced it down to one. I'm happy with it. I just wish I had more leaves.
Used for mulching leaves. Works quite well. Need to change string about 1/2 to 1 hour when mulching full tilt. Can mulch quite a lot.
Absolutely love it. It is kind of messy as it is kind of hard to scoop the leaves inside. I was using my rake to feed them into the machine then held the rake against it to stop the leaves from flying out.
For the price this unit is all you need if you want to shred your leaves and not use so many bags. I went from 80 bags down to 20. I won't do big twigs but will cut up smaller ones. If you have too many larger twigs they will eat up your cutting line and you'll have to replace the line often. What I did was make sure I blew (not raked) my leaves in a pile; that way I was just getting leaves and small light twigs. make sure you ge the leaf scoops, too. They make the job a lot faster.
Product Worx as advertised. I saw this at a BJ's and was skeptical, but intrigued. I did quite a bit of research and decided to go ahead and purchase from Amazon. I have a 1/2 acre yard, but a lot of tall oak trees and maples so I end up with lots of leaves. I've dumped them in various places over the years, but last year found shredding them was the best, especially if you want to compost them. Last year I piled all my leaves on the driveway and ran over them multiple times with the mower. This worked great, but made a mess. I also had to keep touching the same leaves multiple times. From blowing them into a pile, raking onto a tarp, to drag them to the driveway, then spread them out. After they were chopped, I had to get them back into a pile, scoop them up and then carry them to be dumped. Just seemed like I was moving the same leaves too many times. With the Worx shredder, I blow them into a pile then put a tarp down with the shredder on top. When I'm done shredding I just drag the tarp to my compost pile - much faster. The shredder works great. I find it best to feed handfuls of dry leaves. When I used my leaf scoops it seemed to be too much for the machine and I had to push them down. I don't know what the reduction ratio is, but it is definitely worthwhile. Something else I may try is putting a round plastic tub under the shredder to catch the debris. Then, I can dump it in a bag or carry it wherever I need to without having to scoop them up again. I didn't find the same problems as other posters with small twigs and sticks. At first I was afraid to drop even the smallest stick in, but then got a little careless and just shredded whatever I picked up. The machine shreddered it all. Now, the trimmer line does wear out. The more sticks, the faster you need to replace it, but replacement is very simple and like other posters I bought some bigger/stronger line from Home Depot and that appears to hold up longer. The machine is very noisy, but I have not found it to be overly dusty; however, I recommend ear, eye and lung protection. The bottom line for me was I needed a faster, simpler way to reduce my leaf pile and the Worx shredder delivers!
Bulkie but overall love the performance
Good product with a nice thank you note from seller inside.
Just got my inverter today. By the look of it, it looks like it will do the job.
Looks great havent used it just yet hut we shall see
This is great for a lot of stuff. My favorite is being able to charge my Surface while driving without buying some weird adapter. Well built and the USB ports also are high enough power to keep the phone charged too.
Really like this product. Sometimes I have to use my computer on my car. It is difficult for me to charge my computer on the car. It really solve the problem! Recommend.
This item worked very well on our last road trip. We had several cell phones plugged in and a lap top. Good price and decent output I would recommend this product.
Stopped working after 5 months Update: 1 star to 4 star. Emailed the manufacturer, replied back within hours, and refunded my account without having to return the item.
Both USB and 110 volt outlets performed excellent!
I love this inverter! It works exactly as it says. I recommend this inverter.
I use this all the time!!Use it to plug in Convenient for car tripsyour laptop when the battery runs low in the car and the USB is already being used.Use it for tailgating to warm up things.
I like the two outlets that’s on there to plug other things in besides your cell phone.
Quite works great and lots of USB ports. This is an excellent product
Great 4 uber.. the customers love it
I purchased this specifically for testing the surface temperature of my skillet while cooking, but I find myself using it for general household duties, like checking the temperature of items inside my fridge. The build quality is sufficient for the price, and the user interface is simple and works well. Time will tell if it holds up under regular use, but so far I'm extremely happy with my purchase.
If you know what you are looking for or even suspect hot spots and cold spots on walls, motors or refrigerators or electronics or heaters or barbecues or cooking devices this is the touch free way to find or eliminate suspected issues.
This is a very simple non-contact digital thermometer. Does what it needs to do, and it's very inexpensive. Has C/F option, backlight option, and you can turn the laser on or off as you need it. It has a nice feel, and rubberized grip/exterior. I use this primarily in the kitchen to get the temp of pans and such, but it's useful just about anyplace you need non-contact temperature readings.
This is a very handy gadget!! I bought it to calibrate engine temperature, I have also used it to check oven temperature, BBQ, outside thermometer and even the pool temp. Is very consistent and easy to use. Remember to remove the battery when putting it away.
How did I live without this?? Perfect for deep frying, and tandoori cooking. Very easy to use, and despite other reviews, the battery lasts! We got it 3-4 months ago, and despite regular use, it is still going. I love the fact it turns on easily with a pull of the trigger, and automatic shut off.
This proved to be far more useful than I thought it would be. I bought it to check the temperature of my oven and stove. But I found myself using it in the refrigerator, grille, and the room in general to check the accuracy of the thermostat/furnace. It provides instant temperature readings, and they are accurate as far as my needs are.
I just received this unit and have yet had the opportunity to put it to actual use for the reason it was purchased. With that said, after reading the concise directions, I was able to measure many object in the house with a reliable result. The reason for purchase was for wine making, soap making and bee wax melting for candles. I'm sure I will find other uses as time goes.
This is the best cat toy ever! The batteries last super long, much longer than the laser pointer that I had been using. And the cat loves it. And it's also good for measuring the temp of windows to see where the cold air is coming in.
I like it, although my son who is an HVAC contractor swears it is "off". One day this past summer I thought my A/C wasn't working, but when I pointed it at the register it showed it was operating fine... so okay... for the peace of mind... I like it.
Purchased this based on a recommendation from a cat-loving-friend. She uses this exact product as a laser toy for her cats and it WORKS PERFECT! Best part is it takes a 9V battery instead of a small round watch battery. It's also better quality than the lasers you would purchase from a dollar store or drug store. Best $11 I've ever spent on an animal toy!
I love these little devices. I don't use it for anything sophisticated, but it is so handy whether to make sure the water is not too hot for the yeast, or to test whether the deck is too hot to walk across, to find cold spots on an outer wall, to amuse the cat, to fine-tune setting the hot-water temperature, and to explore which body parts are the hottest.
The ticket for measuring oil temp or pan temperatures. It's fast, easy to use, and kind of fun in a geeky way. Really enjoying it, only regret not having bought one sooner.
I have purchased several of these now. GREAT gift for techs or cooks. I use it for many things: Checking the tempurature of oil before frying things, the outside temp of meat that is smoking (doesn't absorbe smoke after 160 degrees, checking hot spots of various things and.. with almost 2 hours of combined use, driving the cats nuts. Loooonngg lasting battery.
handy tool if you are a homeowner. i use it to check for cold coming in from outsid. you will suprise yourself when you point in the upper corner of a room and the temp goes from 68 to like 38. you know you have a serious heat loss problem. check around doors, check the temp in your fridge of freezer instantly. it's too good and usefull of an item not to buy it for this price!!!
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