Lithium ion battery types

by:Freego     2020-05-24
According to the electrolyte materials that are used in lithium ion batteries, lithium ion batteries are divided into liquid lithium ion battery ( 液化锂- Ion ', referred to as the LIB) And polymer lithium ion battery, 聚合物锂- Ion ', for PLB) The large capacity lithium battery. Lithium ion battery, Li- - - - - - - ion) Rechargeable lithium ion batteries is the modern digital products, such as mobile phones, laptops, the most widely used in battery, but it is more & other; Jiao qi & throughout; In use do not overcharge, discharge ( Can damage the battery or to scrap) 。 As a result, have protection components or protection circuit on the battery to prevent damage of expensive battery. High demand for lithium ion batteries, make sure the termination voltage precision & plusmn; Within 1%, the semiconductor device factory has developed a variety of lithium ion battery charging IC, to ensure safe, reliable and fast charging large capacity lithium battery. Mobile phones are basically use lithium ion batteries. Proper use of lithium ion battery is very important to extend battery life. It according to the requirements of different electronic products can be made flat rectangular, cylindrical, rectangular and button, and there are composed of several parallel in series with the battery pack. Rated voltage of the lithium ion battery, because of the change of material, usually is 3. 7 v, lithium iron phosphate ( Hereinafter referred to as phosphorus iron) The anode is 3. 2V。 Fully charged when the termination of charging voltage is 4. 2 v, phosphorus, iron 3. 65V。 The termination of lithium ion battery discharge voltage of 2. 75 v ~ 3。 0V( Battery or termination of the discharge voltage, voltage range is given the parameters is slightly different, usually is 3. 0 v, phosphorus iron to 2. 5V) 。 Less than 2. 5 v ( Phosphorus iron 2. 0V) Continue to discharge called discharge, discharge the battery will be damage. Cobalt acid lithium type material for the anode of lithium ion battery is not suitable for used as large current discharge, large current discharge will reduce the discharge time ( Internal will produce high temperature and energy losses) And may be dangerous; But lithium batteries, lithium iron phosphate battery anode materials with 20 c can even more ( C is the capacity of the battery, such as C = 800 mah, 1 C charge rate the charging current is 800 ma) The large current charge and discharge, is especially suitable for electric vehicle use. So give maximum discharge current battery production factories, in use should be less than the maximum discharge current. Lithium ion batteries have certain requirements for temperature, plant the charging temperature, discharge temperature range and temperature range, overvoltage rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, permanent damage. Lithium ion battery charging current should be on the advice of the battery factory, and ask the limited current circuit in order to avoid happened flow ( Overheating) 。 General common charging ratio of 0. 25C~1C。 Tend to detect when large current charging the battery temperature, to prevent overheating damage to the battery or explosive large capacity lithium battery. Lithium ion batteries are divided into two stages: the first constant current charging, to about the termination voltage to constant voltage charging. A 800 mah capacity of the battery, its termination of charging voltage is 4. 2V。 Battery at 800 ma ( Charge rate for 1 c) At the start of the constant current charging, the battery voltage to larger slope booster, when the battery voltage is close to 4. 2 v, change to 4. 2 v constant voltage charging, gradual decline current, voltage change is not big, fell to the charging current is 1/10 50C( GeChang have different value, will not affect the use) Think close to full, can terminate charging ( Start the timer, after some charger to 1/10 c end after a certain time charge) 。
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