Lithium battery energy storage security probability analysis

by:Freego     2020-05-23
Today, show yi lithium battery experts talk to you about the safety of lithium-ion batteries. It is well known that the lithium battery is a good thing, but many factors affect the normal operation of lithium batteries, such as operating temperature, environment humidity, uneven cooling, overcharge discharge, BMS, vibration, system group, production process, etc. , are likely to lead to the battery failure, the failure is not necessarily must burst into flames, but to the battery performance is no longer suitable for running on the system, must be replaced or removed, otherwise affect system operation. Stir together so many factors, like a mess, let a person feel lithium electricity system to trouble-free operation, difficulty is not a little, but the lack of data to support. Yi jing have cloud: avenue to Jane. I then went straight to the theme, take the tip of the iceberg, starting from the enterprise production process to explore the safety of the lithium battery, I was based on: this effect is inevitable! Perfect production technology, detection and accurate, also can have the net, mix to the product, brings to the system operating risk. Assume that each batch of the percent of pass is a certain value, not considering the influence of the series-parallel group. I choose several typical products, based on the probability calculation results, discusses the influence of product qualified rate of the system failure rate: ( 1) Mobile phone battery; ( 2) The electric car battery: tesla battery pack, battery string (7104 3) Large-scale energy storage series, 250 kw & times; 2 h, 500 kw× 2h。 1 battery first, monolithic battery, because of the small single battery capacity ( Around 1000 mah) , mature technology, domestic and foreign manufacturers of qualified rate in the first 3 files in the table, the failure rate can be controlled within one over one hundred thousand. Nanjing population of 8 million, for example, a mobile phone, per capita whole nanjing, mobile phone battery failure number is controlled in 100, the actual may be a little more, but the calculated results match with everyday feels like, namely single lithium-ion battery has high security. There are differences between the two electric cars, the technical route of different enterprises, mainly in the following respects: ( 1) Battery types have distinction, three yuan and lithium iron; ( 2) Capacity is different, different size, useful about 3 ah battery, such as tesla, useful 26 ah battery, such as byd; ( 3) Using cylindrical shape is also different, there are 18650, or 20700, cooling area is large, convenient for thermal management, also have square battery pack, is advantageous for the modular and fixed installation. I to tesla Model S85 as an example analysis. Tesla model S85 adopts panasonic ternary small capacity battery, a total of 7104 knots, the advantage is good consistency and factory qualified rate is high, can reach 0. Within 999999 ( The reference number in the table 1 and 2) 。 In this way, S85 vehicle battery qualified rate reached 99. 3%, as a consumer, I satisfied with the results; Assuming that tesla sourcing the qualified rate of 0. 9999 battery, his vehicle qualified rate will be plunged to 50%! Thus, percent of pass is very important to the vehicle battery! Three large-scale energy storage are of different size of energy storage technology scheme, Japan and South Korea enterprise main three yuan battery, high energy density, good consistency, but more dangerous, the price is high, the higher degree of dependence on BMS, three yuan energy storage battery monomer can do 100 is one of the big ah. Low energy density of lithium iron batteries, but safer, price low volume can be done - 120 200 ah. Large-scale energy storage will surely not, with 18650 small batteries ternary or lithium iron according to my search, samsung is conventional single 68 ah three yuan, byd, lishen or catic lithium electricity in general is 120 - 180 ah lithium iron. Li-ion battery capacity, the greater the security performance is poorer, assume three yuan for 68 ah battery and 150 ah lithium iron batteries factory qualified rate is 0. 9999 - 0. 99999 ( The reference number in the table 3 and 4) 。 Though they found less than Japan and South Korea companies such as samsung, LG qualified rate of energy storage battery monomer, but based on the existing level of industrialization, pick a unqualified (one hundred thousand 0. 99999). Is the top level. For 500 kw / 1 MWH energy storage system, the calculation, the ternary battery monomer qualified rate is 0. 99999 ( No. 3) in the table , under the condition of system failure rate was 2%; Percent of pass is 0. 9999 ( Table no. 4) Cases, the system failure rate is 18%; Obviously, 0. 9999 percent of pass of monomer can't meet the safe operation of the system, not the enterprise and the owner is able to bear the failure rate of 18%!
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