Lithium battery 10 points for attention

by:Freego     2020-06-04
1, the new lithium battery how to use? Is to charge or discharge? How to charge? To small current discharge ( Set to 1 - commonly 2A) And then with a current of 1 a 2 - to charge and discharge cycle 3 times, have to activate the battery. 2, just start using the new battery, voltage imbalance, put a few times, filling was normal again, what's the problem? Mainly because although individual batteries in the battery pack is matched good, but will still exist self-discharge of different individual differences, new battery from the factory to the user, typically have more than 3 months time, monomer batteries in this period of time will be different because the self-discharge shown is not the same as the voltage, the voltage of battery pack difference bigger ( The unbalanced) ; Because has function of charge balance chargers on the market at present, so the general imbalance will repair when by charger. 3, li-ion battery should be stored in a cool, dry environment, room temperature 15 35 ℃, environment humidity 65%. 4, lithium electricity the main factors influencing the life: 1. Temperature, the battery cannot be used under the environment of overheating or storage ( 35℃) ; 2. Charge and discharge, battery charging and discharging not excessive, shall ensure that the single batteries voltage is 4. 2 - 3. Between 0 v, high current recovery voltage should guarantee for work in 3. More than 4 v. 3. Choose appropriate power model, avoid battery in the case of overload use. 5, the new lithium electricity need to activate, if not activated will be affected, the new battery from the factory to the user, typically have more than 3 months time, the battery will be in a dormant state, not suitable for high intensity discharge at once, otherwise will affect the efficiency and life span of the battery should be. 6, the new battery, charge it into electricity is what reason? Zero electric batteries, battery internal resistance, wrong charger model. 7, the lithium battery C several representative & other; C” As symbols of battery capacity, is the symbol of the current & other; I” Is the same meaning, & other; C number & throughout; Represents what we call the ratio of that battery can work on the basis of nominal capacity of the current short for size, 2200 mah20c, for example, 20 c identifies the battery can be normal working current of 2200 ma & times; 20=44000mA; 20 c discharge with current of 44000 ma to discharge the battery. 8, the best preserved li-ion battery voltage, battery charged amount of general factory is: the single voltage in 3. 70 - 3. Between 90 v, general factory will take 30 - 60% of the battery. 9, battery manufacture date within one month of the new battery in 30 mv is 0. Placed about 3 v is normal, long battery pack more than 3 months above, in the 100 mv is 0. 1 v can be used more than the rated pressure difference of the battery pack can be used with balance function for 2 - smart charger Three small current ( 1A) Charge and discharge cycle, can repair most of the pressure difference is often the battery pack. 10 after a full battery, cannot be stored for a long time, full of electricity storage time can't more than 7 days; The battery is best in only 3. 70 - 3. Deposit 90 voltage mode, is beneficial to extend battery life, if do not use for a long time, to ensure that every 1 - 2 months to charge and discharge.
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