Lead-acid battery is plate corrosion can extend battery life

by:Freego     2020-08-06
Lead-acid battery charge in the anode reaction combined with EPB and WAR and separation process. When the lead-acid battery discharge, oxygen and bound state separation first, then formed by the combination of lead-acid battery and lead acid batteries H20. When lead-acid battery charging, the oxygen in the water from the outside loop gain energy, separating from the water, and lead to union, form Pb02, this is the process of oxidation lead-acid battery. This response does not exist in the cathode, and exist only in the negative on PB: # S - 042 The separation. In the process of charging, is P15 has an oxidation process. In the actual structure of lead-acid batteries, lead-acid battery charging current through the electrode plates on the active substances in the middle of the gate into the active material, grid also contact with the electrolyte. When I> b in a charged state are grid cannot avoid partial oxidation. In each charge, if active substances has been a lot of reaction, a grid oxidation, then use the charge current water oxidation decomposition and oxidation of grid. According to the principle of electrochemical reaction, even under the condition of no charge, E plate continues to corrosion and the corrosion rate is low. Lead-acid battery charging corrosion speed. In the process of discharge, the positive grid through the crystal lattice of the alloy by oxidation and corrosion, lead to deformation of grid, the grid size linear increase fracture, even this is lead-acid battery is an important cause of damage. In addition, when the corrosive impurity ( Such as organic acids, etc. ) In the electric hydraulic system, speeding up positive grid corrosion speed. The breakdown of waste lead acid storage battery found the positive grid with different degrees of corrosion. Due to the cathode in the soil there is no oxidation corrosion caused by overcharge, no obvious corrosion in soil in the cathode. Obviously, the positive grid to take protective measures, adding corrosion inhibitor and reduce the overcharge, measures to improve the service life of the lead-acid battery is.
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