Lead-acid battery charging fever is normal

by:Freego     2020-08-05
Lead-acid battery charging fever is normal? Battery charging fever reasons: 1. Current control. 2. A single battery internal resistance is big, 3. The battery room ventilation, 4. The overall battery sulfide. After charging battery internal resistance should be reduced; You can accurately measure the rechargeable battery internal resistance, there is no doubt that internal resistance is much smaller than that of the rechargeable battery. Battery charging should be a large current, because the battery has a certain resistance, so will be converted into heat, which is difficult to make a quick release, because the battery plastic shell, so the temperature of the battery will be more and more high. Reduce current levels will reduce a lot. What is the role of maintenance free storage battery electric eye? The eye position on the bottle, generally in the top left of the negative, on the left side of the bright red plastic cap is positive, on the right side of the lead exposure is negative. Without maintenance battery at the top of the plastic oil plug, so in addition to technical professional battery maintenance unit, general users can't regularly check the lithium ion battery electrolyte. In order to let the customer at any time and place to control battery, maintenance bottles generally set a eyes, of all the ordinary light source can be seen inside the, green represents everything is normal, black represents must charge, white for lithium battery electrolyte is invalid or cell replacement. The maintenance bottle also has in the application of steam discharge, so to put a small vent in its side. However, when the battery due to the arrival of the service period without recharging the batteries to a reasonable level of output power, the battery is a real sense of reactive power, must switch. UPS power supply, and what is the difference between the regulated power supply in the practical operation of the battery charge and discharge, such as choice of battery is off for offline applications, not only in installation, and unsafe. In order to guarantee the safety and the rationality of the charge and discharge pool charging and discharging experiments, we not only can be found that the problem ( External battery, reverse rechargeable batteries, etc. ) , and can guarantee the safety and reliability of power supply system ( Don't cause a charge and discharge, short circuit fault, power supply system to terminate, etc. ) , we strongly recommend a method of using load real-time charging and discharging, shut down power supply switch of ups communication, let the battery charge and discharge. If the bottle in one of the above situation, should do: when the bottle couldn't start the car, is usually referred to as there was no electricity. Due to the rise in switching power supply is mainly used in the key communication network and other system software, the load change is not big, so the load immediate charge and discharge, its charge and discharge current basis does not change, so you can according to the working voltage of the battery and removal of charge and discharge stop working voltage, charge and discharge status calculation to charge and discharge interval, the next quarter charge-discharge comparing with records, found the problem immediately eliminated.
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