How to test battery capacity battery

by:Freego     2020-08-11
How to test battery capacity battery, many people are buying the battery don't know how to test battery capacity, don't know if I buy the battery is not enough capacity, manufacturers also many, now online quality also vary widely, there are a lot more without conscience will deceive consumers do a glass, cement storage battery, buyers judging by appearance is that there is no way out, this time know how to test battery capacity is very important, battery capacity test is not false. Generally divided into micro battery, battery small battery, Micronesia battery, large storage battery, the battery USES market methods. Micro battery is used in a flashlight battery, electric mosquito swatter, small electric toys, the battery discharge on general customers in product testing, the battery because the value is lower, the battery is also commonly 20 hr ( Rate of 20 hours) With 0. 5 c discharge current test, 3 when the battery voltage. 2 v battery when battery whether meet up to 20 hours. Small battery cells have been used more widely, battery, electronic security battery, emergency lights, battery landing-answer battery, auto parts, battery alarm host, battery electric pump storage battery, remote control parking lock battery, battery stereo storage battery. Voltage in the 4 v, 6 v, 12 v, 18 v, 24 v, capacity at 0. 8AH- 20 ah. Test method is 20 hr Micronesia accumulator battery USES solar power system, solar street lamp battery, ups battery, eps, battery back-up power battery, such as general test method was also 20 hr large battery storage battery with the way solar power generation systems, photovoltaic power station battery, ups battery, eps, battery back-up power battery, such as test method is 10 hr ( 10 hours) , such as 12 v100ah battery 10 hr test, is to use the 10 a cross flow discharge, when the battery voltage to ten. 5 v, 10 hours to see if battery test time meet, meet the word is full capacity of the battery and does not meet the battery is not enough capacity. So everyone in the battery with best is to buy the request note on the contract manufacturer will not do so false.
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