How to storage battery

by:Freego     2020-08-12
How to store knowledge battery is very big, don't be careless. The following battery storage recommendations: 1, depots, battery, it is recommended that a fixed appearance or warehouse ( Excluding accommodation) , storage area of not less than 25 ㎡; 2, battery storage areas should be monitoring alarm equipment, lighting equipment, fire equipment, if the storage of the goods is more, should be equipped with corresponding warehouse administrator is not regular fire control safety inspection tour line, night should be charged operation work equipment (broken Such as: instrumentation, charger, etc. ) ; 3, storage battery with best tray, convenient handling, reduce cell damage in the process of loading and unloading; Without tray, in the process of handling, products should be put light moving light, presenting a throw, rolling, pressure; Ban hand bag bag, avoid injuring hands; 4, battery or storage must be checked before the goods, to see if there are any more damage, appearance check if batteries are wet, get wet in the rain; 5, ground requirements ( Hard floor tile, cement plane) , the ground clean, neat and clean without sundry; Battery pile is forbidden, especially easy to conduction and easy to corrosion items; 6, the new batteries and battery segregated to be detected, after-sales battery should be far away from the new battery is put to be detected; 7, battery storage environment must be dry, clean, well ventilated, must be prepared to prevent bask in, moisture and other protective measures; Storage temperature should be controlled in 5 ℃ to 40 ℃, 40 ℃ fan heat or air conditioning, effective cooling measures must be taken; 8, the location of the storage battery should be from the sun, away from heat source ( Heating equipment, etc. ) , inflammable and explosive goods and chemicals. The distance should be at least more than 2 m away from the heat source; 9, when the batteries are centralized, stacking, each pile lateral longitudinal piled up the number of columns for the five columns, limit between pile and pile to set aside not less than 20 cm clearance, facilitate battery cooling, storage battery put top layer as stipulated in the carton number; Inversion is forbidden or side when placed, shall not be affected by any mechanical shock and stress.
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