How much is the rated voltage of lead-acid battery?

by:Freego     2020-08-14
How much is the rated voltage of lead-acid battery? Simply different metals and conductor in acid solution with different electric potential difference. Lead sulfate and lead oxide in acidic solution the potential difference between the two, so the lead-acid battery is 2 v: 2 v is the nominal voltage of battery, is associated with the electromotive force of the actual battery battery positive and negative plate electrode potential, electrolyte density, etc. Charge of lead-acid batteries are extremely PbO2, negative extremely Pb, electrolyte for - H2SO4 dilute sulphuric acid solution. Because of two different kinds of material in the electrolyte lose the ability of electrons is different, so the electrons from a substance to another substance. This trend is the electromotive force of the battery. Unit of measure is V V. The electromotive force of the battery can be broadly understood as the open circuit voltage of the battery. The value is only related to some of the physical properties and chemical properties are. Has nothing to do it and the amount of material, geometry, etc. Therefore, as long as it is lead-acid battery, its electromotive force ( Open circuit voltage) About 2 v, we call the nominal voltage is 2 v battery, in normally within the scope of the lead-acid battery, its terminal voltage can be through the following empirical formula said U equals one. U: open circuit voltage of battery, the unit is V. D: the electrolyte density, g/cm3 density of electrolyte is usually left and right sides, so is 2 v battery cleaning the internal structure of lead-acid battery voltage is 2 v lead-acid battery, through the bridge in series, if there is a single section six cells inside the battery, the battery of the rated voltage of 12 v. At present, most electric sweeping machine using a single series of 12 v battery. It is using the characteristics of the capacitor to pulse the pulse, the purification function, also called for the shielding. When grid voltage work load power supply - as shown in figure 1 1. And, at the same time to the energy storage battery; Begin to work when a sudden power outage, UPS power supply, power required by the energy storage battery supply the load, to maintain normal production, As shown in ->) ; When due to production needs, the rectifier load serious overload, the grid voltage directly to the load power supply ( As shown in dotted line) Work, when the mains is normal is 380/220 vac, uninterruptible power supply working principle diagram 1 - Uninterruptible power supply working principle diagram 1-2 2 stable 220 v or 380 v ac voltage, the stability of the converter. Stability depends on the degree of oscillation stability of the converter.
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