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Freego never ceases to expand our sales network globally. Because of considerate and efficient service provided to clients at home and even the abroad, we have gained more and more popularity in the Freego marketplace. Due to considerate and efficient support supplied to customers in the home as well as the abroad, we have won an increasing number of popularity in the market.

Engaging in the industry of lifepo4 battery, Freego Power Co., Ltd. is a remarkable enterprise. electric scooters is the main product of Freego Lithium Battery. It is diverse in variety. Freego e-bike battery has to go through the salt spray test before it goes out of the factory. It is strictly tested in an artificial salt spray test chamber to check its corrosion resistant capacity. Each performance of the battery surpasses the average level of the whole industry. The product is odor-proof. It is treated with refined formulations that effectively help eliminate the stink and restrict bacterial growth. A reasonable price is given to the product.

The philosophy of our company is that we not only concern the growth but also seek to maintain stability. This is an important assurance for both our employees and customers. Get quote!
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