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hot selling lifepo battery battery directly sale for garden tools

hot selling lifepo battery battery directly sale for garden tools

Hot selling lifepo battery battery directly sale for garden tools

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3.2V 10AH
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Company Advantages
1. Freego Power Co., Ltd. manufactures lifepo battery with the highest quality of raw materials, including lithium ion battery pack . The product meets the requirements of low internal resistance
2. It is of great importance for Freego to assure the quality of lifepo battery before packing. It has passed security tests and is certified under SGS ROHS, CE, CB, KC, UN38.3, and MSDS
3. The quality of the product stays in line with current regulation and standard. The product has reached the international standards
4. The product quality is in line with existing regulations and standards. Stable performance and stylish design are the highlights of the product
5. This product conforms to the international market strict quality standard. After one year's use, the battery is almost undiminished



Nominal capacity

10Ah @ 0.5C

Minimum capacity

9.5Ah @ 0.5C

Nominal voltage


Max Charging voltage

3.65 ±0.05 V

Discharge ending voltage

2.5 ±0.05 V

Charge current

Standard charge: 0.5C

                         Max charge: 1C when T≥10 OC

                  Max charge: 0.2C when 10 OC≥T≥0 OC

                   Max charge: 0.1C when 0 OC≥T≥-10 OC    

Discharge current

                                  Standard discharge: 1C                                                   Max continuous discharge: 3C                                               Max instant (30s) discharge: 10C

Recommended charge and discharge

cell surface temperature

        Charge: 045 OC                                 

                               Discharge: -2060 OC

Maximum allowable charge and discharge cell surface

temperature. Charging and discharging at these conditions will shorten cell cycle life.

Charge: 60 OC
Discharge: 75 OC

Humidity range

090%RH (noncondensing)

Internal resistance

6mOhm (AC Impedance, 1000HZ)

Cell dimension

   Height: 136 mm Max                            

                       Diameter: 38.5mm Max





Discharge rate capability

discharge capacity at 1C

discharge capacity at 0.5C


discharge capacity at 3C

discharge capacity at 0.5C


discharge capacity at 5C

discharge capacity at 0.5C


Cycle life

discharge capacity of 2000th cycle

original discharge capacity


High-Low temperature discharge

performance (0.5C discharge)

discharge capacity at -10 OC

discharge capacity at 25OC


discharge capacity at 0 OC

discharge capacity at 25OC


discharge capacity at 60 OC

discharge capacity at 25OC


Storage performance

residual capacity after 28d storage

original diacharge capacity


recover capacity after 28d storage 

original diacharge capacity


Company Features
1. Freego Power Co., Ltd. is reputable for having a strong lithium ion battery pack development and production capability in the domestic market. Freego Power Co., Ltd. has a strong technical force and a stable technical backbone.
2. Freego Power Co., Ltd. is equipped with complete equipment, complete testing means, and perfect quality assurance system.
3. lifepo battery are produced with high quality by our professional technicians. The culture positioning of Freego brand is to make each staff to serve customers with their professional skills. Get more info!
Awesome charger for the Grasshopper Vape battery which is similar to the 18650 standard, but thinner. Really appreciate the battery level indicator, and how fast it charges. My dad had gotten me a cheap one for a bright LED flashlight he got me and it takes 4-6 hours to charge the tiny Grasshopper Vape battery, but this thing is quick.
Very cool and effective charger with capabilities to charge many different types of batteries. Be careful removing batteries from the unit because the spring loaded holder will snap back to its default position while providing you with a mild sting. It's just the spring mechanism ensuring it adapts to whatever size battery you charge with it.
I needed a charger for my vape batteries and this was one of the first ones I saw via google search. It's straightforward to use and charges my batteries pretty fast
I use this to charge my peeled MFLB batteries (two different brands), and my 18650 batteries for my e-cigarette. Works excellent but sometimes will go from almost fully charged to one blinking light for both batteries. Not sure why, this only started happening after about 2 months of use. Batteries do get warmer than I'm used to in this system but I have to trust the intellicharge bit. Power cable is flimsy and very high gauge wire. I guess this isn't an issue as long as the unit isn't drawing too much power. Carry it with me daily to work in a backpack of tons of clutter and no issues with the construction. EDIT 12/16/14 - after about a year and a half of ownership. I got an i4 charger to keep at work, so this unit has seen much less traveling and usage in general, maybe charging batteries once a week on my desk. Trying to get an 18650 battery in is difficult, but a week or so ago I just heard a spring-fling noise inside the unit doing this as usual and that side went dead. Springy terminal wouldn't flex, no charging would happen even if forced to make contact with the battery. Had to crack it open and re-position the spring and re-solder. Works fine once again. Anyway - if using 18650 batteries or anything full length, be gentle when the spring gets stretched tight.
Nitecore makes a fantastic product. As a vaping enthusiast, I wouldn't go with any other brand of charger for my 18650 batteries. They charge fast, and have a trickle charge to keep your batteries fully charged. A very well made, high quality product in every regard. There isn't much more to say... If you need to charge your batteries, Nitecore is the way to go!
It lives up to its reputation. I have (3) 18650's which I have charged at least 30 times in this. Works as advertised.
Charges my panasonic 18650s perfectly. Works as advertised. Slight hissing when charging, but it's barely noticeable. Honestly, it kind of sounds like a TV on in an adjacent room. Charges my batteries just fine. No gripes with the product, other than a slightly shaky power cord input, but considering this device should be static (not moving) at all times, it seems like the lowest of concerns. It's like complaining about lightbulbs having to screw into their sockets. Not worth the breath. However, this device is worth what you'll spend on it, which honestly is not that much. Great buy, highly recommended for those 18650s. In case anyone is curious, my build is a vamo v3 with vivi nova mini tanks, two 18650s, two backup 18350s (use a different charger for those).
I just needed a charger to recharge by 18650 batteries. I chose this one versus more expensive competitors and have been happy so far. Fully charges the batteries with no issues.
Does not work with the button top version of the batteries.
My old Nitecore i2 charger crapped out on me after 6 years of use. This new version charges my batteries quickly, and I would buy from them again!
I highly recommend this product and seller. I received my order quickly and it was exactly what I was looking for. I use it to charge my IMR Li-MN 18650 batteries for my vapor. It charges quickly without over-charging thanks to the Intellicharge technology, so if I forget and leave it on charge before going to bed I don't have to worry about it messing up my battery. Thanks for the excellent product at such a great price! :)
Excellent charger, especially for Vape batteries. I have 2 batteries so one is charging while I'm using the other one. By the time I'm ready to swap them out the second one has a full charge. Much better than plugging in the actual device.
Not good or bad but it could be designed better to detect battery charging levels
I bought this for my 18650 vape battery because it is very unsafe to just leave then on the charger having constant electricity pump into them. The product works great and gets the job done. The Charge time isn't to long and you can use a wide range of rechargeable battery in this. If your a vaper or just someone looking to recharge battery I'd recommend this product to you. It's well build and can survive being dropped a few times. You also can't get a better price then this!
charges and charges and charges
Works great to charge the batteries, but the contact can be a little finicky. Have to move the batteries around a little to make contact so the light comes on.
Charges in about 4 hours. Only problem is that it can get warm if left plugged in too long and because of that should NEVER be left plugged in while unattended, even if no batteries are inside. So just be smart and be safe when using this product.
Does not work with 18650 style batteries as advertised. Edit: doesn't work with all of my 18650's due to the positive contact on the charger itself being almost recessed.
Great changer
Feels a little cheap and flimsy, but gets the job done and charges well
Works well. I really like I can charge different sizes of batteries in one unit. And it doesn't take that long to charge. I would recommend this product.
Used once
I love this. I only negative comment is sometimes you have to wiggle the battery into it just right, otherwise it won't charge. But I use this everyday and have no other complaints.
This charger does a good job with handling many different battery types. It will recharge a rcr123a to the proper 3.7 voltage, but seems to put a little too much on my panasonic 18650 (puts them up to 4.2 volts). For my usage in a flashlight, that is not a problem, but it could be with some other applications. This is a much better charger than several others that I have tried, reasonably priced, and can do a lot of different types without getting a shelf full of different chargers.
Charges FAST! Overnight for sure. Maybe 3-4 from drained to full? Not sure, but its fast enough for me! I have 4 batteries and charge two while Im using two. Great product.
A very good multi battery charger. This charger charges each cell individually which is very important. This method insures that each cell gets the proper amount of charge as opposed to other cheaper off the shelf chargers which will only charge cells in pairs. So far I have only charged my PowerEx AA & AAA cells and this charger maximizes the capacity of each cell to get the maximum charge. Much better then my previous wall plug in charger which took forever to charge the 2600 AA cells. This charger charges them in less then 3 hours. Great. Buy with confidence.
So far so good. Seems like a solid unit.. first time buyer of something like this. Giving 4 stars cause there is a flat plate with a spring and a knob you have to stick the batteries between to charge them. The + side of the battery (which is the side that sticks out) goes on the knob and the flat - side of the battery goes on the flat spring part of the charger. So naturally the knobs want to slip off each other so it’s kind of a pain. Why not have it opposite, so it’s flat-to-knob on each side? I flipped the batteries around and they stayed in the charger much easier. WTH lol.
I just wanted to share that I've been using this to charge D sized batteries. Note D and C are not advertised as supported. They don't quite fit as the positive end slips out so I stuck a small fender washer to keep the connection solid. I'm satisfied with the product and would recommend. With a 500ma charging limit for the test function doing D sized batteries takes two days! Just a warning.
I haven't used the "quick charge" feature yet. I've been too busy profiling my battery stock. The NOR test is quite useful in telling you what batteries can be used, and which should be trashed. But the test takes quite a bit of time to do. This isn't a knock against the charger. It's just the nature of the test. Overall, I'm quite pleased with the charger.
This charger has replaced my NiteCore charger and I have nothing but good things to say about it. My old charger worked great but only charged two batteries at a time. I like that I can charge 4 with this charger. Easy to read display and I like that I can adjust the charge rate.
Great charger does the job
I use this charger for my 18650 rechargeable batteries. It works great and exceeds all my expectations. I definitely recommend this product
This charger is excellent! It will charge one or two batteries at the same time fully. The display is easy to see and understand.
Love it
Best charger I’ve ever had. Love that it shows you real-time progress. Way better than the crappy one I got with my batteries.
it works.
Charger came in fast and It charges my batteries well. Very pleased and happy with all the information it shows you about the charging batteries!
Have used a number of times. Works very well. I would recommend it
Works well.
So far so good. Works as advertised and charges batteries more fully than in device in my experience.
This is a great smart charger for Lithium Ion and NiMh batteries. You can choose 500mA or 1 amp charging current. It will also show how long it took to charge.
Has not exploded like my Nitecore. What more can you ask for?
Best charger ever. If you use these rechargeable batteries you will not be disappointed and the price is exceptionable for the quality.
So far works fine just as said and does everything you would want it too charges my batteries fast and doesn’t over charge ??
works as expected
Great item. I use it all the time.
This works as intended.
The charger arrived on time, and works well with a variety of rechargeable batteries. The display is clear and easy to read.
Placed batteries into unit, status immediately displayed and started charging.
works great
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