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good quality e bike battery 48v 20ah tigersharkr004 online for electric bicycle

good quality e bike battery 48v 20ah tigersharkr004 online for electric bicycle

Good quality e bike battery 48v 20ah tigersharkr004 online for electric bicycle

Air door to door/sea/FOB
TT/PAYPAL/Western Union
428*160*75mm 24V 8-20AH 36V 8-20AH 48V 8-20AH
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Company Advantages
1. The packaging quality is important for Freego e bike battery 48v 20ah. Its packaging materials comply with EU packaging materials and waste directive for the battery. A long-term life cycle is the outstanding feature of the product
2. People will be able to have perfect spaces with the finest impression when utilizing this product. - Said one of our customers. The product is manufactured according to safety standards, thus it is safe to use
3. As the main feature of e bike battery 48v 20ah, our technicians pay more attention to battery motor for bicycle during the production. Adopting pioneering charging technology, the product features high-efficiency charging
4. e bike battery 48v 20ah is also considered battery motor for bicycle , and most are electric bike battery 48v 1000w . The product is easy to install and disassembly

  • Applicable for electric bikes, e-scooters, e-motorcycles,and other small vehicles;

  • Fixed to the down tube easily and save space;

  • Over 2000 life cycles which can work approx. 5 years;

  • Thin size and light weight with Plastic material;

  • Special cell holders design is safer for cells’ vibration.









Normal Capacity

10000mAh (0.2c)

10000mAh (0.2c)

10000mAh (0.2c)

10000mAh (0.2c)

10000mAh (0.2c)

10000mAh (0.2c)

Normal Voltage







Inter Impedance







Maximum Charge Current







Maximum Charge Voltage







Constant Discharge Current







Maximum Discharge Current







Discharge Stop Voltage







Weight Reference







Life Cycles

800 cycles

2000 cycles

Work Temperature







Store Temperature

In one month



In sit month




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Company Features
1. Modern technology is introduced to the creation of e bike battery 48v 20ah.
2. We continuously improve the ways we serve and satisfy them to create long-term value. We aim to perform with precision to earn our customers' trust.
My Buddy Bought This To Get Him To The Store And Back ;) HE LOVES IT!!!!!
i give this a five star even though I returned the product. this was an Amazon Warehouse Deals product but the company who made it, Razor, let me have a warranty on it. So I was really taken care of. tire caught a flat and I was real dissapointed about the low use of battery per charge (40 mminutes or less). Amazon gave me a 15 dollar credit for my troubles and I got all my $ bakc and I never paid a dime for shipping. Thanks Amazon and Razor!
I chose this one over other styles because it has a bicycle-frame style design that makes it easy to work on and will be easy to mod. All of that space under the deck gives plenty of room for adding extra batteries for more power or longer range. The large 16" pneumatic tires are WAY more comfortable than those tiny rubber deals on other scooters. The rear rack/basket is also super convenient. If you want to be a hipster get something small and foldable but if you're an adult who wants something akin to a miniature electric version of a gas powered scooter then this is for you. So easy to add on mirrors, headlamp, tail lights, etc... Looks like a real vehicle instead of a toy. I weigh 275lbs and had no problem hitting the stated top speed of 18mph (I actually hit 18.34mph). It also runs just fine with the added weight of my daughter who is over 50lbs, so 325+lbs is no problem for this thing! No insurance, registration, or motorcycle endorsement needed. For under $500 you can get one of these scooters, a helmet, a headlamp, tail lamp, mirrors, and a motorcycle cover. Unbeatable value for a small EV!
I have been riding my Ecosmart around San Francisco for about 2 weeks, and I'm in love. It's a good feeling to zip around emissions-free and quietly. The scooter is substantial in frame and safe-feeling even riding on streets. People are amazed at how little this scooter costs (as am I), considering the obvious quality of manufacture. I am 5'8" and 130 lbs.; I get at least 7 miles with very hilly terrain (up to 300ft inclines in this test, one very steep, the other a gradual climb), and without killing the battery completely. There are a lot of comments on here for heavier riders, so I just wanted to weigh in (sorry) on its range with lighter riders. Also, I bought that battery upgrade mentioned in some comments; while getting the deck off to reveal the battery is very easy, for the mechanically-uninitiated, replacing the battery yourself will be daunting. At least it was for me. I will have to take it to my mechanic to switch out -- but once I learn I probably will be able to do myself.
As expected my son loves it and he's 9 yrs old!!
My boy he cannot stop writing great buy
We got this bike for our sons 7th birthday. He took to it immediately and has yet to miss a day of riding. He jumps on it before school and then right back on it when he gets home. It's been great so far! Easy to handle-just fast enough to be really exciting, but does not make me feel uncomfortable. The neighborhhod kids ride it too and we haven't even come close to having an accident.
I love it so good but the battery doesn't last long as I thought it would
Simply perfect for my 6 year old,,,,he loved it
I bought this for my 9 year old son for xmas, i was a bit hesitant because of the mixed reveiws but I am sooooo happy i got it, he absoloutly loves it! rides it everyday after school, even my 5 and 6 year olds ride it. It is a great product, well made, and well worth the money! very pleased with my purchase and would most definatly recommend this dirt bike to anyone.
Wasn't to sure if I wanted a gas bike or this but its more than worth the 5 yr old will be riding this for years to come.wish it had a little more low end just to get him going
Good so far. My 6 year old loves it. Holds a decent amount of charge.
This bike is amazing. Looks small but my tall 10 year old who is 120 lbs is able to ride it. They LOVE IT.
My kids really love this product didn't have any issues but I had to replace the wheel about a week after we do a lot of writing.
Purchased this for my grandson's 8th birthday. It was just as described and he absolutely loves it. It did require some assembly, but minimal enough that my husband (not great at this kind of thing) could do it in 30 minutes. It goes just fast enough for him to spin and slide but not too fast so that he could hurt himself. For the price this is a great item that provides a lot of fun!
My 5yr old son loves this ride... Lots of fun and battery lasts longer than I expected
My kids love this thing it's pretty fast for them but awesome I must say even for an adult to ride here and there just sucks that it don't last that long but charging takes forever so it's great for little spurts of fun just don't expect long times cuz 30-45 mins is about the best ride time your gonna get after a 12 hour charge time but it's worth it still
Nice toy, easy to assemble and maintain. My 8 year old loves it, the battery holds a god charge for a long ride.
Too bad this ride does not have a reverse function
Got this for my grand son......HE LOVES IT he is 9 and about 4' 8" tall may be his only year to ride but he told me this was his best christmas ever.
My kids love this thing! keeps them entertained during the summer break, the only thing bad about it is that I cant ride it ;)
My son LOVES this. We got it for his 7th birthday and he rides it every afternoon. My 4 year old also likes it, but it is a little too big for him.
My 4 year old loves it!
easy to use. no gas to worry about. plug in and go. my 6 yr old is the perfect size and weight for this bike. goes fast, but not any faster than he can peddle his bike at full speed.
My kids love the bike
This is the best gift ever,my children love it!????✌?✨
I bought this bike for my sons 11th birthday. He was asking for one for months. Shopped around at many different department stores until i found it on Amazon for over $75.00 cheaper. The bike was at my front door two days later. My son loves this bike and rides it all the time. It's a great purchase and would reccomend it to anyone.
We purchased this for our 6yr old daughters birthday and it is amazing she loves riding it and is the envy of all the kids in the neighborhood. It was easy to learn to ride , very safe and long battery life If you are on the fence about buying this I would say do it you wont regret it .
Fun Fun Fun
This is great! my son has been using it now for 2 years and it still running great. apart from have to change the back wheel, we had no issues at all and my son is pretty rough on it!
I purchased this for my 9 year old nephew. It was a HUGE hit! Everything from ordering to assembly to riding was easy breezy. I ordered it on a Monday, and it arrived on Wednesday. Assembly took less than 5 minutes. Charged it overnight and it was ready to ride in the morning. As far as the actual product goes, it is WAY less dangerous than I had thought it would be. I wish I would've gotten a more powerful model. I was hesitant because the manufacturer recommends a minimum age of 14. In my opinion, if the kid is comfortable riding a motorized scooter (speed) and rides a 2-wheel bike confidently (balance), this bike is totally fine. I also ordered the Razor Full Face Helmet. Both purchases were stress-free from start to finish. By the way, all the adults in the family have ridden it too:) November 4 2013...amendment to my original review. A few weeks after giving this product a glowing review, the chain needed to be replaced. A hassle to have work done on this product. The plus was that it was still under warranty.
My son, who is 6 loves this bike! He rides it all day every day until the battery runs dry. My son is a small 6 year old, so trying to imagine a 14 year old is hard. I would not recomend this for an older child, my daugher is 12 and hardly fits. It is a great bike, fun and sporty, fast enough for one who wants some spead, yet light and easy enough to handle.
This is a product that i bought for my seven year old. This product works very well, it does not have a loud noise to it and works pretty much every where I put it. The battery will last for about 30-45 minutes non stop but charges pretty fast as well.
Fits. Wife loves it. Good choice by husbands without wives knowing about it...
Awesome fun for our 7 year old!
This thing is awesome, my son loves it. I wish I had cool toys like this growing up!
I bought this bike for my nephew. He is 7 years old and he can't get off of it. He even rides it in the house.
This has been a fun thing for my grandsons and they have really enjoyed riding this bike, it has been fun for them.
Its ok but its very freaking slow it really does not go 25 mph at all i ride faster on my own than this crap goes and i hate changing a flat tire omg it is so heavy and a pain in the ??
I ordered this vest to wear for fishing and for work. So far, it works great and keeping myself warm. The quality is great and this vest is pretty stylish. My favorite parts of this vest are different zippers for adjusting the size and many pockets for me to put things. The power bank that I bought can last about 4 hours, I am pretty satisfied. So, I would recommend purchasing a better and longer lasting powerbank to keep your vest heating!
xa0I was using this the other night, and though the temperature was low, (30 degrees Fahrenheit [1.1 degrees Celsius]) The battery did'nt seem to show any signs of weakening, like shorter battery life. When I took it for a ride, I can definitely tell you, I'm certainly not going to use it in the city again, because even though there are some dark areas, I don't think I need THIS much light, because even on its lowest setting, it's pretty bright! It's not the easiest to use with thick gloves on either (but CAN be done), but it seems stable enough on your bars to take a bit of fiddling while trying to find the switch, and not lose its aim. However, if you are on a trail (or anywhere for that matter!), I suggest you stop before trying to change modes with gloves on, as it can get a bit difficult otherwise. I did notice that this light is a mix of 'spot' and 'flood', albeit it seems like a little more of the latter, then the former (more flood than spot). I did notice that it puts kind of a 'square' shape where it's aimed, (probably due to the "CatEye" *Opticube* technology) and lights the area up nicely. I did'nt estimate the size of the 'square of light' because tilting the light on your bars, could make it larger or smaller, depending on the angle. In my video, if looked at from the side, my light is probably aimed at about (and I'm just guessing here) a 5 degree angle (never it? in school). All in all, this is a VERY bright light that is reliable, and seems to handle cold better than other lights I've used. Would recommend! P.S. Unlike another light I reviewed recently, this light DOES have a 'memory mode', along with a quick flash function. Just tap two times in quick succession to access it. The other modes are as follows 1)Dynamic=high 2)Normal=medium 3)All-Night=low 4)HyperConstant=medium+fast flash Then, to shut it off, one 1-2 second press on power button. It comes with no instructions, just the light, handlebar mount, and USB charging cable. Also, in small print, it says "Mount the light unit at least 3cm away from any wireless cycle computer. If a wireless receiver is mounted too close, the transmission may be adversely effected. Just a helpful tip.
The Volt 1200 offers great value for a handlebar mounted headlight. The max 1200 lumens is very bright and even the next highest setting should be sufficient unless you are bombing down the trail. The CatEye mount is easy to set up and is very secure. The push button locking mechanism also makes it easy to take the light off for charging. I have not tested the battery life but it did well in past MTBR light reviews. However, this light is not without limitations. 1) While the beam is bright, the beam shape is square which does not do a good job of lighting peripheral areas. So if you ride a lot of tight corners, this light will not be sufficient without a secondary source. I run a helmet light in addition to this light which is a great combo. 2) This light is a bit heavy to mount on a helmet, so definitely a handlebar mount application. Overall, I would recommend this light for it's great value. But again, depending on your trails, a second light may be necessary.
I have all manner of motorcycles for myself and my 4 children. I have a 220hp superbike for the track, supersport class bikes, 2 and 4 stroke dirt bikes, pee-wee bikes, mid-size bikes... we just have a lot of bikes. I might not be an expert but I am a pretty knowledgable amateur with 30 years of riding experience. Relative to a poorly built 2-stroke pocket bike this electric bike is a much better choice for young riders or for adults just goofing off. For 300-400 dollars you can get a 2-stroke 47cc pocket bike that is usable and will make people laugh at the track or the bike show. They're actually pretty fun. But for only a couple of hundred more you can have this awesome bike. It comes close to fully assembled (all you do it attach the handlebars to the triple clamp). The handles for the brakes and the throttle are already installed on the bars and calibrated correctly. It takes literally 10 minutes to uncrate and assemble. 15 minutes after is arrived I was riding it. A 45 pound 10-year old or a 200 pound Dad can ride it and everyone in between. Like all electric bikes the low end throttle is a little jerky for lighter rider. That's the only down side I can see. The upsides are huge. The suspension is real, the ride is smooth, the brakes are excellent, the balance and steering can actually be used to teach a young person how a motorcycle works. This is a legit small size electric motorcycle and I highly recommend it. I have included a few photos- one is a 4'1" 50 pound girl on the bike, the others are the bike parked between a TTR50 and TTR110 just to help you gauge the size. Have fun and be sure to buy helmets and pads for yourself and your young riders!
I purchased this for my 8 year old son in SoCal, product was shipped fast but the best part of shipping is Amazon used Pilot for the delivery. They are a large package delivery service that lets you set up a window / time frame for delivery. My package was delivered at the end of the time frame but the box encompassing our rsf 650 was completely scratch free! Zero visual damage. Assembly consisted of mounting the handle bars, The rest of the bike came well assembled. Visually this bike is impressive, Razor did a phenomenal job on the design and performance is great. This bike is fast at his weight, at my 180 it takes a bit to get up to speed. The rear suspension has at least 6-8 inches of travel and is a little springy, it feels good under my weight but more importantly i watched my son transition from our alley down the driveway to the street (a dead end street with zero traffic) at full speed and the shock reacted nicely. He is super stoked.
As a long-time connoisseur of bike lights (I've used/owned over 20), I'd certainly give this light a big thumbs up. Out of the box, it's gorgeous: Shiny and solid. In terms of the mount, it's near the same as my 700 and it's a cinch to use. The light is solidly placed onto it so anyone who's experienced trouble with it must lack, well, experience. The light itself is functional, allowing three beams, a "beam-flicker" (like a Cygolite), and a steady blink. The latter is not as bright as many other lights I've used but it's good enough to attract attention at a reasonable distance. The distance that the full beam best lights up is probably near 30 feet having it aimed just above the tire and slightly ahead. The breadth of the beam is quite wide, probably 15 feet wide. If you're someone who's used a single beam light for a while, I'm sure that you'll notice how much better the breadth of this light in comparison. One con of the setup is the button. It is quite small, being the smallest I've ever seen on a bike light. My exposed finger has no issue, but any kind of padded glove makes it fussy to turn on and off. Another con is that the light is "Made in China" but Cateye has been there for a while now. The build is definitely not "cheapie" so if you're not stuck on "Made in the USA" like I am MOST of the time, it's a lot better than other products flooding out of that country. Overall, I would give the Cateye 1200 4.5 stars and would recommend it to anyone who wants a serious light for the night (or day).
The bike is a lot of fun, I bought it for my 11 year old but the 14 year old keeps ‘borrowing’ it, and I have taken it for a spin too. I added a headlight and taillight just to make the bike a little more visible, the headlight is powered off a 12v battery I put in the ‘gas tank/storage bin’, the tail light is a bicycle light that is wrapped around the red metal tube frame.
It needs front shocks and battery could be better ...but its hella fun to ride in the city...also needs manufacter to put reflectors like any bike of course otherwise police may claim its a modified or homemade bike..the bike is awesome !
My son loves this special gift from Santa!
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