Gel battery electrolyte is gel electrolytes

by:Freego     2020-08-07
Battery is mainly used in ups power system software, medical equipment, communications equipment, diesel engine, solar system software, system software, automatic control system, mobile station, pipeline cathodic protection equipment, wind power equipment and power engineering drive system software. Battery: the characteristics of complete sealing, no maintenance design. Design life ( 25 c) 6 v, 12 v to 12 years, 2 v nearly 18 years. According to the requirements of high frequency, deep charge and discharge, greatly improving the discharge capacity and the capacity of the deep circulating system. By broken bubble board ( Have different FTF) Is made. Pure lithium battery electrolyte analysis. No leakage. The valve control, large open working pressure is 2 psi ( 1 psi7kpa) 。 Random orientation. Silica gel composed of gas phase silica and a variety of preservative can absorb the hydrochloric acid in suspicious rubber, in addition, the pore porosity of suspicious rubber is dissolved into the negative phase creates a safe passage, achieve the goal of the high efficiency of sealing, the type sealed rechargeable batteries, lithium battery electrolyte can dissolve the overflow and organic gases, no pollution to the natural environment and mechanical equipment. Suspicious rubber gel battery electrolyte solution, there is no liquidity and leak, can be placed in the columnar or vertical state. Plate grid structure: black fungus displacement design, 2 v series of products at the bottom of the plastic film, can improve the reliability of the battery, use tin lead calcium alloy aluminum alloy, high hydrogen evolution potential negative plate. Is plate aluminum alloy plastic low calcium aluminum alloy, crystal high density, good corrosion resistance. Using rubber batteries as corrugated plate, aperture ratio is big, small resistance. Battery cover as the ABS material, choose epoxy resin sealing glue sealing, ensure no leakage. With pure lead materials, with good corrosion resistance, the pressure ring and ring formation pressure ring and rechargeable battery cover. 2 v, 12 v series products rechargeable batteries have a gas filter chip equipment, no point, rechargeable batteries and dissolve steam the trouble of the body, make its no pollution to the natural environment. Gel battery electrolyte is gel electrolyte, no acid level, so the film can reflect the uniformity in any places, so as to improve the reliability of large and medium-sized batteries. Too much electrolyte solution as a condition of sol, space can fill the whole battery. Rechargeable battery charging at high temperature under the condition of not easy to dry, high thermal conductivity and heat dissipation. Colloidal gel battery electrolyte solution of positive and negative active chemical substances through the whole process of crystal formation, deep make rechargeable battery charge and discharge cycle system running well, improve the resistance of potassium sulfate. Rechargeable batteries of wide temperature range, - 30 c50c) And the service life of lithium battery is low.
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