Energy storage battery choice models of standard

by:Freego     2020-08-09
Energy storage battery choice models of standard: because the battery is energy storage power plant, the power quality analysis of the key components, it is necessary to consider the following provisions: * work considering the high frequency and large current, it is easy to perform multiple methods colloidal solution of combination battery; * battery capacity and features of testability and diagnostic make automatic control system according to battery capacity and battery load characteristic operation; * high safety factor and reliability: in all normal applications, the proper use of all of the rechargeable battery life not less than 15 years; Under the condition of the limit, even common faults are belong to the category of controllable, there should be no explosion, ignition caused harm to the safe operation of power plants, etc. * good ability of fast response and high power battery, 5 - general is the battery capacity 10 times; * the battery with high efficiency; * easy to install and maintenance; Good natural environment adaptability, wide operating temperature range. According to the regulations of the ecological environment protection, the manufacture, application in rechargeable batteries and procurement process, EPS battery will not cause damage to the natural environment and environmental pollution; How to make up water: 1. Must be between 1 - after charging the battery For 2 hours. 2. After application of rechargeable batteries, still can accurately measuring liquid level gauge ( To prevent the splash plate as standard) ( To determine the charging plate electrode in a charging cycle without exposure) 。 3. Liquid level meter should be 5 - higher than outlet tank shield plate 11 mm, but not too expensive. 4. The battery, rechargeable battery liquid cycle several times after the battery can't charge, fuyang city battery, rechargeable battery liquid ratio, such as the ratio is too low or the proportion of each module rechargeable batteries, with hydrochloric acid. To adjust the proportion to ( ) G/cm3 ( Each module rechargeable battery liquid than close to the same) 。 After adjustment, the battery will make battery liquid evenly, it should be conducted by technical personnel.
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